Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

Political Science (BA)

The mission of political science program is to help students examine and understand the complex forces -- local, national and global -- that define our collective lives. Political regimes shape the lives and opportunities of their citizenry. Properly ordered regimes can provide prosperity and security for their citizens, while disordered political societies perpetuate injustice and insecurity, both economic and civil. Democratic societies generally share a consensus about constitutional norms, the structure of power, and societal objectives. Yet there may be legitimate disagreements about the proper role of government in society, and the rights and obligations of citizenship. The central task of the political science program at the College of Staten Island is to equip students with the analytic tools, both empirical and normative, to pursue a professional career and to become informed and responsible citizens as well as active participants in their political community.

General Education Requirements  42 credits 
Major Requirements  42-51 credits 
Electives  27-36 credits
Total Credits Required  120

Major Requirements

POL 100American Government and Politics(US)



POL 235/SLS 235The American Political System(CO)



POL 103Understanding the Political World: An Introduction to Political Science(WG)


POL 400Capstone Seminar in Political Science(RLA)



*32 credits or 8 courses in Political Science


A course in American Politics

A course in Comparative Politics

A course in International Politics

A course in Political Theory

12 credits at or above 300-level


ARB/ASL/CHN/FRN/ITL/SPNDemonstration of proficiency in a foreign language through the Intermediate level 213 or above



MTH 113Introduction to Probability and Statistics(MQ)(STEM)


POL 198Tools of the Trade: The Art and Science of Political Research(RLA)


Total Credit Hours:42-51

*Of the 32 credits or 8 courses in Political Science the following must be included:
  • At least one course in Political Theory (POL 200-219, 300-319)
  • At least one course in American Politics (POL 220-234, 236-239, 320-339)
  • At least one course in Comparative Politics (POL 240-259, 340-359)
  • At least one course in International Politics (POL 260-279, 360-394)
  • 12 credits of Political Science courses at or above the 300-level

Political Science courses numbered above the 300-level, and Independent Study and Internship credit at the 500-level, apply toward the major, and, with the permission of a faculty advisor, can be used to satisfy the requirement that students take one course in each of the four subfields of political science.

Total Credit Hours: 120


To graduate with honors in Political Science, a student must have a 3.5 grade point average in political science courses and must complete a thesis or research project determined by the student under the direction of a faculty sponsor.