Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

Department of Media Culture

Center for the Arts 1P

Cynthia Chris, Chairperson and Professor

Professors: David Gerstner, Cynthia Chris, Michael Mandiberg, Edward Miller, Sherry Millner, Jason Simon, Valerie Tevere, Cindy Wong, Ying Zhu. Associate Professors: Bang-Geul Han, Tara Mateik, Reece Peck, Bilge Yesil.

The department offers Bachelor’s degrees in Cinema Studies and in Communications, and a Master’s degree in Cinema and Media Studies. Programs in this department focus on the principles of media, interactions with the media, and the cultures dependent upon communications technologies. The department serves students interested in the history and theory of film and various electronic and computer-related media, and in producing works with these media. The program in Communications is offered in collaboration with the Department of English. A minors is also awarded in the Baccalaureate programs.