Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

History (BA)



General Education Requirements  42 credits 
Major Requirements  36-40 credits 
Electives  38-42 credits
Total Credits Required  120

Major Requirements

HST 200Historical Method(RLA)


HST 300Historiography(RLA)


HST 401Seminar in Advanced Historical Study(RLA)



*Twenty-four credits of history courses at or above the 200-level, of which at least three courses must be at the 300-level including:


At least one history course designated as pre-1700 history

At least one history course designated as modern European history

At least one history course designated as United States history

At least one history course from a geographical area other than Europe or the United States, designated as World history


ARB/ASL/CHN/FRN/ITL/SPNDemonstration of proficiency in a foreign language through the Intermediate level 213 or above


*A 200-level geography course may be used to satisfy this requirement. At most, one independent study course may be used to satisfy this requirement.  The cumulative grade point average in history courses must be 2.0 or higher for graduation.

Total Credit Hours: 36-40

Total Credit Hours: 120


To graduate with honors in the History major, a student must have a minimum of a 3.5 grade point average in courses in the major and a 3.0 cumulative grade point average. In addition, a student must complete either an HSSH 594 Independent Study Honors in History or a Divisional Honors Seminar. Finally, a student must complete an honors thesis under the supervision of a History faculty member who will oversee and approve each step of the thesis process. The research paper submitted as the thesis need not be a new work; it may be a substantial revision or extension of a paper previously submitted in a course at CSI. Students must submit a one-to two-page thesis proposal to their advisor and the coordinator of honors in History (Associate Professor Catherine Lavender) stating the scope of research or revisions, as well as questions and new source materials to be addressed before registering for HSSH 594 or a Divisional Honors Seminar. The 20-30 page thesis should demonstrate a superior command of the historical topic and evidence of rigorous critical thinking. The thesis must be approved by the faculty advisor and a second reader appointed by the coordinator of honors in History.

Double Counting Policy

Undergraduate students majoring in History at the College of Staten Island and satisfying the following criteria may be granted permission to take up to three CSI 700-level History graduate courses at undergraduate tuition to be counted toward their bachelor’s degree. These graduate courses may be used to substitute for one 300-level requirement in History designations, with two additional graduate courses counting as general electives, but not counting toward the major. Courses taken under this arrangement may also be applied toward completion of the MA in History degree.

1. Current enrollment in bachelor’s degree in History at the College of Staten Island and successful completion of three years of study with 75 or more earned credits.
2. Cumulative GPA 3.3 or above.
3. Permissions from the course instructor, the coordinator of the History MA program, and the History Department chairperson.