Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

SWK 470 Social Welfare Policy II: Social Welfare, Social Policy and the Social Work Profession(RNL)

3 hours. This is the second policy course in a two semester sequence. This course builds on the historical perspectives presented in SWK 370. It is designed to offer students knowledge of issues surrounding the development, implementation, and evaluation of social welfare policies that have affected and continue to affect historically oppressed groups in the United States. Specific policy areas to be discussed include healthcare, mental health, child welfare, people with disabilities, the elderly, and criminal justice. Students in this course will understand the need for social work involvement in political arenas, advocacy groups, and as part of organizational change, to advance social, political, and economic justice. The course will demonstrate the various policy analysis tools to teach students to better understand how policy affects practice and how social workers can influence policy. Prerequisite: SWK 370 with a grade of C or higher.