Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

PSY 595-598 Internship

1-4 credits. Internships are experiences in a work situation that integrate an academic area of study with work experience. Courses designated Internships are individual, non-classroom, extended learning projects. They require: an on-site supervisor as well as a full-time faculty member as project sponsor; a daily log of activities, an assigned reading list or preparation of a relevant bibliography; and, a final paper that summarizes the way in which goals were achieved and demonstrates the relationship of academic material to the work done during the internship. Internship students may not receive credit for paid employment unless they demonstrate the relationship of an appropriate body of academic material to the work required in their employment. Credit for Internships (595=1 credit, 596=2 credits, 3 597=3 credits, 598=4 credits) is awarded for work experience related to an academic program, not for performing a job. Students must have at least one introductory course or equivalent experience in an area as a prerequisite to Internships. Internship students are expected to spend at least two hours per week per credit at the on-site location and at least one additional hour per week per credit in reading, study, and preparation. No more than nine credits of Independent Study and Internship coursework will be accepted toward the 60+ credits required for the associate’s degree; no more than 15 credits of Independent Study and Internship coursework will be accepted toward the 120+ credits for the baccalaureate degree. This internship course counts as a 200-level elective. Students interested in an Internship must make arrangements with a full-time faculty member to sponsor the project. Internship students also require an on-site supervisor to evaluate their project. The individuals involved will sign a contract stipulating the expectations for completion of the course, evaluation criteria, and awarding of credit. Arrangements for Internships must be made during the semester before the student wishes to enroll in these courses and must be approved by the faculty sponsor, on-site supervisor (where applicable), and the chairperson of the department or coordinator of the program. For Internships, at least one on-site visit must be made by the faculty sponsor during the semester. At this time a joint conference with all participants in the project will be held for evaluation. For all Internship students a meeting and an evaluation of progress with the faculty sponsor is expected at least bi-monthly. Registration for Internship courses must be completed within the first week of the semester.