Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

PSY 591-594 Independent Study

1-4 credits. Students interested in Independent Study must make arrangements with a full-time faculty member to sponsor the project. Applications for Independent Study will be accepted at the faculty member's discretion and by permission of the professor only. Arrangements for Independent Study must be made during the semester before the student wishes to enroll in these courses and must be approved by the faculty sponsor and the chairperson of the department or coordinator of the program. Students can register for 1 (591) to 4 (594) credits. Students are required to spend at least three hours of work per week per credit. No more than nine credits of Independent Study will be accepted toward the 60+ credits required for the associate's degree; no more than 15 credits of Independent Study and Internship coursework will be accepted toward the 120+ credits for the baccalaureate degree. Registration for Independent Study courses must be completed within the first three weeks of the semester.