Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

PHO 307 Fine Art Digital Printing(RNL)

4 hours; 3 credits. To further the understanding and control of digital color in making high quality fine art prints. Making exhibition-quality digital prints takes time and expertise. Students learn ways to bring out detail and fine-tune color and contrast in specific areas of an image to improve its overall quality. Topics include masking techniques, blending mode options, advanced sharpening techniques, noise reduction methods, and various means of retouching. A hands-on interactive approach with shared print production and class critiques will enable students to build a final portfolio that is both aesthetically and technically cohesive. This class will introduce large-scale printing. We recommend that students take PHO 205 or PHO 230 prior to enrolling. Prerequisites: PHO 101 and PHO 201.




Material Fee: $75