Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

PHO 305 Photography In New York(RLA)

4 hours; 3 credits. An exploration of New York City and its boroughs as a classroom for learning about the practice, art and visual language of photography. The course will consist primarily of field trips to photography exhibitions and collections in New York City and involve the study and discussion of both historical and contemporary photography. Students will be required to participate in discussions, exchange thoughts and ideas, keep a detailed journal of thoughts and impressions from all field trips, complete assigned readings and write several reviews and research papers and give oral presentations about research. Students will produce a photographic portfolio of 20 photographs by the end of the semester. NOTE: It is recommended that students take an art history class prior to enrolling in PHO 305. Prerequisites: PHO 101 and a minimum of one PHO 200-level course or permission of the photography coordinator.




Material Fee: $75