Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

ENL 329 Migration and Diasporas in Literature and Culture(RLA)

4 hours; 4 credits. This course examines literatures and cultures born of international and national migrations.  Students explore ideas relating to immigration, exile, diasporization, globalization, multilingualism, and nationalism through literary, cinematic, and cultural creativity.  Examples from world literature and culture are taught with an emphasis on cross-cultural contact and conflict within and beyond national contexts. For English majors and minors, this course is designated as literature, literature in translation, genre/theme, and women, American minorities, writers in Asia (including the Middle East), Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean.  (p&d) (TALA) NOTE: This course satisfies the College Option.
Prerequisites: ENG 151. Pre- or corequisite: An ENH 200-level course or ENL 290.