Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

ART 390 Senior Project I in Art and Photography(RLA)

4 hours. Semester one of a full year instructional and mentoring program to provide BA and BFA in Art students with guided experience in analyzing and writing about their work, portfolio development, exhibition protocols and insights into the world of art making and the professional artist. This course provides students the opportunity to have a multi-disciplinary experience with greater access to and understanding of the current discourse in the visual arts, professional norms, the city as resource, and to work collaboratively. In addition, this course is designed to assist students in the process of critical art thinking, writing, and effectively prepare students for a career in the arts. Open to Art and Photography majors and minors.




ART 200 and ART 201 and a minimum of two 200-level studio classes in ART or PHO


Any Studio class in ART or PHO