Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022


Office of the Registrar

Registrar, Kerri Gerson

Building 2A, Room 110


Visit our Website:https://www.csi.cuny.edu/students/registrar

The Office of the Registrar assists students in navigating the necessities of the school. The Office performs a variety of services both online and in person for students including: registration, transcript ordering, grade reporting, enrollment certification, final examination scheduling, the schedule of classes, academic calendars, transfer credit evaluation, degree audit, and graduation evaluation.

Special Categories of Registration

Permit or Visiting Students

Permit students from within The City University must submit a valid CUNY permit through the ePERMIT system from their home college to the CSI Registrar’s Office prior to registration. Visiting students from outside The City University must submit the Visiting Student Application available online on the Registrar's website along with documentation from their home schools that they have permission to enroll at CSI.

Undergraduate first-year students in Macaulay, and CUNY BA programs can take e-permit courses in their first semester, and throughout their college careers; other undergraduate students can start taking e-permit courses in their second semester and can continue thereafter. First semester transfer students may also take a course on ePermit, with eligibility based on the previous college GPA.

Senior Citizens

The Board of Trustees of The City University of New York authorizes colleges to permit residents of New York State sixty years of age and older to enroll in undergraduate courses, on an audit basis without tuition charge and without credit, on a space-available basis. Individuals who enroll shall be charged an administrative fee ($65), the student consolidated service fee $15), as well as any other fees they may incur.

Senior citizens may enroll as undergraduate degree degree-credit student, but may not be categorized as an “audit” student and a degree student during the same semester or session.

Senior Citizens are not permitted to register tuition free for any graduate level course and utilize a tuition fee waiver.


Undergraduate students in good standing who do not enroll continuously for classes at CSI and miss a semester of attendance (fall or spring) must file an application for readmission in order to enroll for the upcoming semester. 

  • Readmitting students who are also requesting a change in curriculum or major will be subject to a review of their eligibility to make such a change, as certain majors and programs have minimum GPA requirements for entry, continuation, and graduation.
  • All students are required to follow the Pathways General Education requirements, implemented in Fall 2013.
  • With limited exceptions, students will follow the degree requirements in effect at the time they initially entered CSI as a matriculated student, including those for their declared curriculum, major(s), and/or minor(s).
  • Readmitting students who attended classes at another institution during their time away from CSI must submit the official academic transcript(s) for evaluation by the Transfer Evaluation Unit.  Students will receive credit for eligible courses: the grades earned and the GPA achieved will not transfer.  For additional information on transfer credit policies, please click here

Readmission After Academic Dismissal

Undergraduate students who have been academically dismissed from CSI due to not meeting the required GPA standards must file an appeal for readmission with the Course and Standing Committee. 

  • If the appeal is approved, the student’s record will be updated and they will receive an enrollment appointment for the upcoming semester.
  • Students who are readmitted through the appeals process must submit official academic transcripts from all institutions attended during their absence from CSI.  The transcripts will be reviewed by the Transfer Evaluation Unit, and students will receive credit for eligible courses: the grades earned and the GPA achieved will not transfer.  For additional information on transfer credit policies, please click here.
  • Decisions made by the Course and Standing Committee are final.


Students must register each semester using their CUNYfirst self-service account. Registration and appointment materials are sent by the Office of the Registrar prior to registration to all current, readmitted, and newly admitted students.  Instructions for using CUNYfirst are also available online.  An open registration period is scheduled at the beginning of each semester for students who miss their registration appointments or who are returning to CSI too late for an appointment to be scheduled.

Students who do not meet the course prerequisites will be unable to complete the registration process.  Undergraduate course prerequisites could include any one or more of the following: matriculated or non-matriculated undergraduate student status; curriculum restrictions; completion of other courses; completion of other courses with a minimum grade; corequisite courses (which must be taken with the course); class or standing; and/or department/program approval/permission.

If a major requirement has a prerequiste(s), it automatically becomes part of the program requirements and the credits are added to the total credits for the major.  In some cases, the same course may satisfy both the major and a general education requirement. 

A detailed registration schedule and class listings and course information are available online each semester on the Registrar's website. Registration is not complete until all financial obligations have been satisfied.