Graduate Catalog 2021-2022

Graduate Courses in Selected Disciplines and Independent Study

In addition to courses listed under a degree program, a number of courses have been designed specifically for teachers, particularly those educators who teach at the high school level. Graduate courses in disciplines outside the major field may also be of interest to students in fields other than education.

Graduate courses are also offered as topics courses and as independent study. These courses are identified by the AL-PHA designation for the discipline and an 800 number:

Graduate Topics in XYZ: XYZ 800-890 (1-4 hours; 1-4 credits).
Independent Study in XYZ: XYZ 891 (1 credit),
XYZ 892 (2 credits),
XYZ 893 (3 credits),
XYZ 894 (4 credits).

American Studies Courses

Art Courses

Biology Courses

Computer Science Courses

Dramatic Arts Courses

Environmental Science Courses

Geography Courses

History Courses

Mathematics Courses

Political Science Courses

Science Courses