Graduate Catalog 2021-2022

Cultural Competence (Advanced Certificate)

Gainful Employment Disclosure

The College of Staten Island offers the following Gainful Employment programs: If you seek additional information about any of the other Graduate Nursing programs, please contact Dr. Catherine Paradiso in the Department of Nursing at 718.982.3838 or email her at For information about the Advanced Certificate in Cultural Competence Program, please contact Dr. Marianne Jeffreys in the Department of Nursing at 718.982.3825 or email her at

Admission Requirements

All applicants must have a bachelor's degree in Nursing with a GPA of 3.0 or above in nursing courses, or a higher degree in Nursing, or other related fields. Applicants must also submit a personal goal statement of 300-500 words that describes their cultural competence goals. Students who enroll in the Advanced Certificate in Cultural Competence who later want to matriculate in one of the master's or doctoral degree in nursing programs must meet admissions criteria of the degree program.  Students already enrolled in a graduate nursing program at the College of Staten Island, who successfully complete the necessary Advanced Certificate in Cultural Competence courses as electives (NRS 703 and NRS 704) for their program will receive the advanced certificate. This will not reduce the number of credits needed for their degree program. They do not need to submit an application for the Advanced Certificate Program in Cultural Competence; however, early registration for NRS 703 and NRS 704 is encouraged.

Requirements for Progression and Retention in all Graduate Programs in Nursing

Students must have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 (B) to be retained and to progress. 

Progression: Students must achieve a grade of B in all graduate courses in order to progress. Students must provide verification of three years full-time appropriate clinical experience as a registered nurse in order to progress to the clinical courses.

Grades: For a grade lower than a B, the course must be repeated within one year. Students who do not obtain a passing grade in one course may repeat the course only once.  Progression in the program cannot occur until the course is repeated successfully.  Courses cannot be repeated more than once. Only one course can be repeated throughout the curriculum.  

Withdrawals: No more than two (2) withdrawals are permitted throughout the curriculum. When a second withdrawal is requested, permission must be obtained from the Department Chair by requesting permission for the second withdrawal in writing. Permission may be granted based upon previous academic performance, circumstances, and adequacy of the individual’s plan for success.

Academic Probation: Students whose GPA falls below 3.0 will be placed on academic probation, please see policy in Graduate Catalog and the Academic Policy of the College. Improvement of the GPA may require additional coursework. Students on academic probation are not permitted to progress to the clinical courses.

Dismissal: If the student fails any one of the core (BIO 670, BIO/NRS 682, NRS 702) or role specialization courses (i.e. NRS 720, NRS 721, NRS 722, NRS 723, NRS 735, NRS 736, NRS 737) the student will be dismissed from the program. 

Advanced Certificate in Cultural Competence Requirements

The certificate requires 9 credits and would enable graduates to become resources for the health care system in which they work.

Advanced Certificate in Cultural Competence Courses (9 Credits)

NRS 700Transcultural Concepts and Issues in Health Care


NRS 703Teaching and Learning for Cultural Competence Development


NRS 704Cultural Competence in Healthcare: Project Development


Total Credit Hours: 9