Graduate Catalog 2020-2021

EDL 607 TESOL Supervised Practicum

3 hours; 3 credits. Candidates complete 40 days (approximately one semester) or the equivalent in supervised elementary and secondary EDL teaching experiences. Candidates work with faculty supervisor, cooperating teachers, and school principals or designees to enhance learning for individuals and groups of ELLs. Candidates meet once a week for two hours in a seminar and reflect upon their practicum experiences in terms of application of educational methodologies, concepts, theories, and philosophical perspectives studied in the TESOL program. In this way, the seminar supports candidates as they begin the process of developing their own approaches to teaching and learning as they explore an ESL teacher's role in developing educational environments that are safe and nurturing as well as intellectually stimulating and challenging for their students. Prerequisite: EDD 624, EDD 612, EDL 602, EDL 603, EDL 604, EDL 605, EDL 606.