Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2020

Philosophy and Political Science (BA)

Interdisciplinary Program

Co-Director: Associate Professor Richard Flanagan, Marchi Hall Bldg. 2N, Room 

Co-Director: Associate Professor Mark White, Marchi Hall Bldg. 2N, Room

The Philosophy and Political Science program offer a baccalaureate degree and a minor. 

General Education Requirements 42 credits 
Major Requirements 38-39 credits
Electives 39-40 credits
Total Credits Required 120

Requirements for the dual major in Philosophy and Political Science (BA) include the general education requirements and 19 credits in Philosophy, and 19-20 credits in Political Science.

Major Requirements

PHL 100Introduction to Logic and Science(SW)



PHL 101Introduction to Philosophy(IS)



*Four PHL courses at or above 200-level including at least one course at or above the 300-level



POL 100American Government and Politics(US)



POL 235The American Political System(RLA)



**Four POL courses at or above 200-level including at least one course at or above the 300-level



PHL 490/ECO 490/POL 490/GEG 490Senior Seminar in Geography, Economics, Political Science, and Philosophy(RLA)


*Of these four PHL courses, one must be in the History of Philosophy (PHL 200-219, 300-319) and one in Philosophical Method (PHL 220-229, PHL 320-329, PHL 420).

**Of these four POL courses, at least two must be chosen from the following areas: American politics (POL 220-239; POL 320-339), political theory (POL 200-219; POL 300-319), comparative government (POL 240-259; POL 340-359), international politics (POL 260-279, POL 360-379).  Depending on course selection, additional coursework may be required prior to enrolling for some 300-level at or above courses.

Total Credit Hours: 38-39

Total Credit Hours: 120


To graduate with honors in the Philosophy and Political Science (BA) a student must have a 3.5 grade point average in philosophy and political science courses and must complete a thesis or project determined by the student and his or her faculty sponsor and the course POL/ECO/PHL/GEG 490 Senior Seminar in Political Science, Economics, Philosophy, and Geography.