Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2020

SWK 465 Social Work Field Seminar II(RNL)

2 credits, 2 hours. The second course of a two-semester sequence which continues to facilitate students' integration of the educational experience in class and the field. In addition, the field seminar is the capstone course in the social work program that synthesizes theory, research, policy, and practice methods. Students are to produce documents that combine research and analysis applied to practice in the field. Understanding of social work concepts and readiness/competency to begin the professional social work practice is the goal of the capstone course. Students will explore significant social work issues, bringing their experience and knowledge to bear on the interaction of their values and skills within the major. Prerequisite: SWK 454 with a passing grade; SWK 455 with a passing grade. Corequisite: SWK 464