Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2020

FRN 350 Gender in the Francophone World(CO)(CW)(P&D)(TALA)

4 hours. An introduction to issues of gender in francophone countries in North and West Africa, the Caribbean and Europe. This interdisciplinary course draws on literary, cultural, social scientific, and historical approaches to explore the significance of gender in different societies and to enable students to think critically about gender issues. It proposes a comparative study of feminist movements in the francophone world. Texts examined may represent a variety of literary genres and historical periods.



Cross Listed Courses

AAD 353/WGS 353


ENG 151 and COR 100 for those doing readings and assignments in French; at least two 200-level courses in French.


(literature) (TALA) (social science) (cont.wrld.) (p&d)