Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2020

EDC 350 Fieldwork in Preschool Classrooms(RNL)

2 credits. This field-based course introduces students to preschool classrooms in diverse and inclusive settings. This course connects practice with prior education coursework and is especially related to the content of EDC 218 Language Development through an Integrated Curriculum. In addition, students are given opportunities both to observe and to practice long- and short-term curriculum planning that reflects specific provisioning for children with special needs and linguistically diverse children. Students also practice a variety of observational approaches and recording techniques in order to assess the development of individual children. Students are observed interacting with small and larger groupings of children. Alcohol, tobacco, and drug abuse, and other dangers to children are discussed within the context of pre-natal and infant development with specific attention paid to the teachers' role and responsibilities. Students will be in attendance at the assigned school three mornings a week for a full semester, which accounts for 150 hours of fieldwork prior to student teaching. This is graded Pass/Fail. Prerequisites: EDC 215, EDC 216, and a GPA of 3.0 or above. Pre- or corequisite: EDC 217, EDC 218.