Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2020

Course Attributes

Course NumberCourse NameCollege Option Non Liberal ArtsComputer Engineering SpecializationElectrical Engineering SpecializationMechanical Engineering SpecializationSocial ScienceSTEMTALACollege Option Regular Liberal ArtsFlexible Core Creative ExpressionRequired Core English CompositionGraduate Liberal ArtsGraduate Non Liberal ArtsFlexible Core Individual and SocietyLiberal ArtsRequired Core Life and Physical ScienceRequired Core Math and Quantitative ReasoningNon-Liberal ArtsFlexible Core Scientific WorldFlexible Core US Experience In Its DiversityFlexible Core World Cultures and Global IssuesContemporary WorldPluralism and Diversity
EAS 344Eastern Philosophy
FNC 240Managerial Finance I
LNG 240The African Diaspora: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
AAD 105Contemporary African Issues
AAD 122Black Dance Workshop
AAD 160African American History: 1619 to the Present
AAD 167The Black Experience
AAD 202African American Drama
AAD 203Workshop in Black Theater
AAD 204Ethnomusicology of African Americans
AAD 205African American Musical Theater
AAD 211American Culture in Black and White
AAD 216Geography of Africa
AAD 221African American Literature
AAD 223Introduction to African Diaspora Literature
AAD 225Literature of Social Protest
AAD 235Policing and Mass Incarceration
AAD 240African and African Diaspora: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
AAD 247Peoples and Cultures of Africa
AAD 253African Politics
AAD 260History of Africa
AAD 262African American History: 1619-1865
AAD 263African American History: 1865 to the Present
AAD 264The African Diaspora
AAD 265History of the Caribbean
AAD 266Contemporary African Issues
AAD 267The Black Experience
AAD 269Blacks in Urban America: 1900 to the Present
AAD 275Place, Race, and Racism
AAD 307African Literature
AAD 321Race, Law, and Public Policy in the Contemporary United States
AAD 323Literature of the African Diaspora
AAD 332Social Movements and Social Justice
AAD 333Colonialism and the African Experience
AAD 353Gender in the Francophone World
AAD 355Introduction to Francophone Studies
AAD 361The Heritage of Marcus Garvey and W.E.B. DuBois
AAD 377The African-American Literary Tradition
ACC 114Introduction to Accounting I
ACC 121Introduction to Accounting II
ACC 215Intermediate Accounting I
ACC 225Intermediate Accounting II
ACC 235Government and Not-for-Profit Accounting
ACC 241Federal Income Taxation I
ACC 250Accounting Information Systems
ACC 251Federal Income Taxation II
ACC 300International Accounting
ACC 310Cost Accounting I
ACC 315Analysis of Financial Statements
ACC 318New York State and Local Taxes
ACC 414Advanced Accounting
ACC 415CPA Problems and Current Issues
ACC 422Standards and Procedures of Financial Audits
AMS 101America: An Introduction
AMS 150Dance History: Twentieth-Century Survey
AMS 205Modern Art in Latin America
AMS 208Latina/o Media
AMS 209Art and Society in America
AMS 210American Philosophy
AMS 211American Culture in Black and White
AMS 212Twentieth-Century America
AMS 214America in the World
AMS 220Geography of the United States
AMS 221The American Dream
AMS 222The City in American Culture
AMS 224Religion in America
AMS 227The Geography of Drugs
AMS 230American Film and American Myth
AMS 231American Myths and Realities
AMS 236Music in American Life
AMS 237American Musical Theater
AMS 239The American Civil War
AMS 241Popular Culture and Mass Society
AMS 243American Humor
AMS 251American Ideas
AMS 252American Arts
AMS 258Vietnam and America: 1945-1975
AMS 303U.S. Fiction, Early National Period to Late Nineteenth Century
AMS 304US Fiction, Early North American Literature
AMS 306Latinas/os in the United States
AMS 308American Art Since 1945
AMS 309U.S. Literature in Comparative Contexts
AMS 311The American Cultural Experience
AMS 335Society and Culture in the United States
AMS 377The African-American Literary Tradition
ANT 100Understanding Our Worlds
ANT 201Cultural Anthropology
ANT 202Physical Anthropology
ANT 203Social Analysis
ANT 205Native American Societies
ANT 225Multicultural Literacy
ANT 235Policing and Mass Incarceration
ANT 305Power and Society in Latin America
ANT 306Latinas/os in the United States
ANT 307Caribbean Societies
ANT 308Anthropology of Human Rights
ANT 312Food, Self, and Society
ANT 313Modern Korean Culture
ANT 314The High Cost of Cheap Food
ANT 331Women and Work
ANT 332Social Movements and Social Justice
ANT 350Foraging Societies
ANT 365Political Anthropology
ANT 367Globalization and the World System
ANT 370Urban Anthropology
ANT 375Sex and Society
ANT 400Research Seminar in Sociology/Anthropology
ANT 450Anthropology of Philosophy and Religion
ANT 460Personality and Culture
ARB 112Basic Arabic I
ARB 113Basic Arabic I
ARB 114Basic Arabic II
ARB 213Continuing Arabic I
ARB 214Advanced Communications Skills in Arabic
ARB 215Continuing Arabic II
ARB 313Advanced Communication Skills
ARB 320Arabic Civilization & Culture
ARB 340Arabic Literature
ART 100Introduction to the Visual Arts
ART 106Art in Rome
ART 120Introductory Drawing
ART 125Portrait Drawing I
ART 130Introductory Painting
ART 150Introductory Sculpture
ART 200History of Art to the Renaissance
ART 201History of Art after the Renaissance
ART 203Art of the Ancient World
ART 205Modern Art in Latin America
ART 207Nineteenth-Century Art
ART 208Twentieth-Century Art
ART 209Art and Society in America
ART 210The Architect and Society
ART 211History of Printmaking
ART 212Visiting Artist Projects
ART 220Intermediate Drawing
ART 225Portrait Drawing II
ART 230Intermediate Painting
ART 240Women and the Fine Arts
ART 245Printmaking
ART 250Intermediate Sculpture
ART 275Studio Art Theory and Practice
ART 300Medieval and Renaissance Art
ART 301Baroque Art
ART 302Garden Architecture in Italy
ART 303History of Photography
ART 305Museum and Gallery Training
ART 308American Art Since 1945
ART 310Aspects of Renaissance Art
ART 311Baroque Art and Architecture
ART 314Contemporary Issues in Photography
ART 319The Role of Art in the Modern World
ART 320Advanced Drawing
ART 325Portrait Drawing III
ART 330Advanced Painting
ART 340Design Workshop I
ART 341Design Workshop II
ART 345Intermediate Printmaking
ART 350Advanced Sculpture
ART 375Intermediate Studio Art Theory and Practice
ART 401Contemporary Art: Ideas and Practices
ART 410Major Artist I
ART 411Major Artist II
ART 440Contemporary Art Theory I
ART 441Contemporary Art Theory II
ART 445Advanced Printmaking
ART 475Advanced Studio Art Theory and Practice
ART 480Senior Project in Art and Photography
ASL 112Basic American Sign Language I
ASL 113American Sign Language I
ASL 114American Sign Language II
ASL 213American Sign Language III
ASL 215American Sign Language IV
ASL 313Advanced Communication in American Sign Language
AST 100Contemporary Theories of the Solar System
AST 101Planetary Laboratory
AST 102Contemporary Theories of the Universe
AST 103Galactic Laboratory
AST 105Observational Astronomy
AST 108Survey of the Universe
AST 110Life in the Universe
AST 111Life in the Universe Laboratory
AST 120Space Science I
AST 160Space Science II
AST 230Planetary Geology
AST 396Introduction to Astrophysics
BDA 301Business Data
BIO 103Introduction to Biology
BIO 105Molecular Foundations of Cell Function
BIO 106Principles of Biology I
BIO 107Principles of Biology I Laboratory
BIO 108Principles of Biology II
BIO 109Principles of Biology II Laboratory
BIO 146Nutrition
BIO 150Human Anatomy and Physiology I
BIO 160Human Anatomy and Physiology II
BIO 170General Biology I
BIO 171General Biology I Laboratory
BIO 180General Biology II
BIO 181General Biology II Laboratory
BIO 205General Physiology
BIO 213Vertebrate Zoology
BIO 214Biological Approach to Human Sexuality
BIO 215Invertebrate Zoology and Paleontology
BIO 217Introduction to Tropical Ecology
BIO 220Healthcare Law and Ethics
BIO 222Field Biology
BIO 225Conservation Biology
BIO 228Botany
BIO 230Marine Biology and Oceanography
BIO 232Social Problems in Biology
BIO 240The Biology of Disease
BIO 242History of Biology
BIO 272Biometrics
BIO 312Genetics
BIO 314General Microbiology
BIO 316Clinical Microbiology
BIO 318Histology
BIO 322Evolution
BIO 324Developmental Biology
BIO 325Diagnostic Molecular Biology
BIO 326Introduction to Bioinformatics and Genomics
BIO 327Molecular Biology
BIO 332Advanced Physiology
BIO 335Gene Regulatory Systems
BIO 338Behavioral Biology
BIO 342Advanced Human Anatomy
BIO 346General Virology
BIO 350Microbiology and Cellular Pathology
BIO 351Microbiology and Cellular Pathology Laboratory
BIO 352Cell Biology
BIO 360Ecology
BIO 365Principles of Neurobiology
BIO 368Neuroscience
BIO 370Biochemistry I
BIO 372Cell Biochemistry
BIO 376Biochemistry II
BIO 378Radiation Biology
BIO 382Pharmacotherapeutics
BIO 415Mathematical Biology
BIO 420Comparative Endocrinology
BIO 424Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Laboratory
BIO 425Computational Molecular Biology
BIO 428Plant Physiology
BIO 432Clinical Pathology
BIO 434Comparative Physiology
BIO 442Immunology
BIO 443Scanning Electron Microscopy and X-ray Microanalysis
BIO 450Experimental Methods in Animal Physiology
BIO 452Experimental Methods in Behavioral Biology
BIO 454Advanced Methods in Cell Biology
BIO 456Experimental Methods in Ecology
BIO 458Experimental Methods in Cell Biochemistry
BIO 460Experimental Methods in Advanced Genetics
BIO 594Biology Ind Study
BUS 100Introduction to Business
BUS 102Entrepreneurship
BUS 135Introduction to Information Systems
BUS 140Business Communications
BUS 150Essential Software Tools for Business
BUS 160Business Law I
BUS 200Introduction to International Business
BUS 210Government Policy and Multinational Enterprises
BUS 211Communications in a Corporate Setting
BUS 215Information Management
BUS 230Quantitative Analysis of Business and Economic Problems
BUS 238Ethical Issues in Business and Society
BUS 250Computers in Information Processing
BUS 260Business Law II
BUS 310International Trade
BUS 360Business Law III
BUS 405Applied Concepts in Information Systems
BUS 410Media Administration
BUS 415Global Strategy and Decision Making
BUS 420Global Business Seminar: Doing Business Abroad
BUS 598Business Internship
CHM 100Introduction to Chemistry
CHM 101Introduction to Chemistry Laboratory
CHM 104Chemistry in a Nutshell
CHM 106Chemistry for Today I
CHM 107Chemistry for Today I Laboratory
CHM 108Chemistry for Today II
CHM 109Chemistry for Today II Laboratory
CHM 110Principles of Chemistry I
CHM 111Principles of Chemistry I Laboratory
CHM 116Principles of Chemistry II
CHM 117Principles of Chemistry II Laboratory
CHM 121General Chemistry I Laboratory
CHM 127General Chemistry II Laboratory
CHM 141General Chemistry I
CHM 142General Chemistry II
CHM 240Analytical Chemistry
CHM 250Organic Chemistry I
CHM 256Organic Chemistry II
CHM 290Introduction to Undergraduate Research in Chemistry
CHM 313Computational Methods in Materials Modeling
CHM 330Physical Chemistry: Equilibria
CHM 336Physical Chemistry: Processes
CHM 337Experimental Methods in Physical Chemistry
CHM 340Instrumental Methods of Chemical Analysis
CHM 350Advanced Organic Chemistry
CHM 360Inorganic Chemistry
CHM 370Biochemistry I
CHM 376Biochemistry II
CHM 377Experimental Biochemistry
CHM 442Spectroscopy: Theory and Applications
CHM 443Scanning Electron Microscopy and X-ray Microanalysis
CHM 452Polymer Chemistry
CHM 594Independent Study for Honors Research
CHN 101Conversational Mandarin Chinese I
CHN 102Conversational Mandarin Chinese II
CHN 112Beginning Mandarin Chinese I
CHN 113Basic Mandarin Chinese I
CHN 114Basic Mandarin II
CHN 120Intensive Mandarin Chinese I
CHN 213Continuing Mandarin Chinese I
CHN 215Continuing Mandarin Chinese II
CHN 220Intensive Mandarin Chinese II
CHN 308Gender and Sexuality in China and Japanese Literature
CHN 313Advanced Communication Skills in Mandarin Chinese
CHN 315Languages in Contrast: English and Chinese
CHN 405Modern Chinese and Sinophone Literature
CHN 406Linguistic Aspects of Mandarin Chinese
CIN 100Introduction to Film
CIN 111Video I
CIN 120Video II
CIN 203Chinese Cinema
CIN 204Politics, Cinema, Media
CIN 206African Americans in the Media
CIN 208Latina/o Media
CIN 210Film Theory
CIN 211Cinematography
CIN 212Documentary Video
CIN 220Film History
CIN 230American Film and American Myth
CIN 240Third Cinema
CIN 271Women and Film
CIN 274Introduction to Screen Writing
CIN 301Screen Adaptations
CIN 303Screen Comedy
CIN 304Nonfiction Film and Television
CIN 305Film Genres
CIN 309Electronic Media: Alternative Video Histories
CIN 311Video Workshop
CIN 312Non-Linear and Multimedia Production
CIN 314Introduction to 16mm Filmmaking
CIN 318Advanced TV Studio Production
CIN 325East Asian Popular Culture
CIN 326Japanese Cinema: Theory & History
CIN 390Media Internship
CIN 401American Directors Before 1960
CIN 402American Directors After 1960
CIN 404French Directors Before 1960
CIN 405French Directors After 1960
CIN 406Postwar Italian Cinema
CIN 407European Cinema
CIN 408Global Cinema
CIN 436Screen Writing
CIN 497Senior Project
COM 100Introduction to Media
COM 101Media Literacy
COM 115Introduction to Design and Digital Media Environments
COM 150Introduction to Communications
COM 200Media and Culture
COM 201History and Theory of Television
COM 203Theories of Communications
COM 204Introduction to Online Journalism
COM 205Media Industries
COM 206African Americans in the Media
COM 208Latina/o Media
COM 211Communications in a Corporate Setting
COM 220History of Radio and Television
COM 225Multicultural Literacy
COM 230History of Print Media
COM 232History of Design and Digital Media
COM 240Media Workshop: Acting, Directing, and Producing for the Media
COM 249Workshop in Typesetting
COM 250Typography and Design
COM 251Digital Imaging I
COM 261Television Studio Production
COM 270Radio Production
COM 271Radio/TV Newscasting
COM 277Introduction to Journalism
COM 312Theories of Mass Media
COM 313Principles of Editorial Design: Integration of Writing and Graphics
COM 315Media Analysis
COM 316Radio/Tv Performance
COM 317Information Design
COM 318Advanced TV Studio Production
COM 320Motion Graphics
COM 325East Asian Popular Culture
COM 326Japanese Cinema: Theory & History
COM 332History and Theory of Advertising and Public Relations
COM 341Communications Design Workshop
COM 351Digital Imaging II
COM 370Web Design, Graphics, and Theory
COM 371Media and the Margins
COM 374Mass Media in Modern Society
COM 380Web Design, Animation, and Theory
COM 390Media Internship
COM 410Media Administration
COM 412Broadcast Journalism
COM 415Media Audiences
COM 420Global Media
COM 425Media Regulation
COM 432Corporate Communications Practices
COM 438Newspaper Reporting
COM 445Journalism and Society
COM 446Digital Design for Journalists
COM 450Senior Seminar in Communications Research
COM 451Advanced Design and Digital Media Workshop
COM 465Writing for the Media
COM 475Writing for Advertising and Public Relations
COM 480Studies in Advanced Journalism
COM 492Senior Project for Design and Digital Media
COR 100United States: Issues, Ideas, and Institutions
CSC 102Computers for Today
CSC 112Introduction to Word Processing
CSC 114Elements of Computer Programming for the Technologies
CSC 115Introduction to Computer Technology
CSC 116Introduction to Database
CSC 117Computer Technology Lab
CSC 118Introduction to Spreadsheets
CSC 119Computer Technology Concepts
CSC 122Computer and Windows
CSC 126Introduction to Computer Science
CSC 135Introduction to Information Systems
CSC 140Algorithms and Computation
CSC 141Algorithms and Computation Laboratory
CSC 205Basic Desktop Publishing
CSC 210Applications Programming
CSC 211Intermediate Programming
CSC 215Assistive Technology for Universal Applications
CSC 220Computers and Programming
CSC 223Computer Hacking Revealed
CSC 225Introduction to Web Development and the Internet
CSC 226Web Database Applications
CSC 227Introductory Computer Game Programming
CSC 228Discrete Mathematical Structures for Computer Science
CSC 229Introduction to High Performance Computing
CSC 235Robotic Explorations
CSC 270Introduction to Scientific Computing
CSC 305Operating Systems Programming Laboratory
CSC 310Input/Output Operations and File Management
CSC 315Introduction to Database Systems
CSC 326Data Structures
CSC 330Object-Oriented Software Design
CSC 332Operating Systems I
CSC 334Computer System Fundamentals
CSC 346Switching and Automata Theory
CSC 347Computer Circuits Laboratory
CSC 382Analysis of Algorithms
CSC 405Applied Concepts in Information Systems
CSC 412Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery
CSC 420Concepts of Programming Languages
CSC 421Internet Data Communications
CSC 424Advanced Database Management Systems
CSC 425Shared Memory Parallel Computing
CSC 427Advanced Computer Game Programming
CSC 429Advanced High Performance Computing
CSC 430Software Engineering
CSC 432Operating Systems II
CSC 434Compiler Construction
CSC 435Advanced Data Communications
CSC 438Mobile Application Development
CSC 446Computer Architecture
CSC 450Honors Workshop
CSC 462Microcontrollers
CSC 470Introductory Computer Graphics
CSC 475Image Processing in Computer Science
CSC 480Artificial Intelligence
CSC 482Discrete Simulation
CSC 484Theory of Computation
CSC 490Seminar in Computer Science
CSC 426Applied Cryptography
DAN 101Contemporary Dance Technique I
DAN 102Contemporary Dance Technique II
DAN 111Choreography I
DAN 112Choreography II
DAN 122Black Dance Workshop
DAN 150Dance History: Twentieth-Century
DAN 160Modern Dance Technique I
DAN 171Improvisation I
DAN 172Improvisation II
DAN 180International Folk Dance
DAN 184Afro-Haitian Rhythms I
DAN 185Afro-Haitian Rhythms II
DAN 201Contemporary Dance Techniques III
DAN 202Contemporary Dance Techniques IV
DAN 211Choreography III
DAN 212Choreography IV
DAN 231Fundamentals of Ballet I
DAN 232Fundamentals of Ballet II
DAN 261Modern Jazz Dance I
DAN 262Modern Jazz Dance II
DAN 331Private Study in Dance I
DAN 332Private Study in Dance II
DAN 333Private Study in Dance III
DAN 334Private Study in Dance IV
DRA 100Introduction to Theater
DRA 110Acting I
DRA 140Theater Studies
DRA 141Theater Production
DRA 142Theater Production Lab
DRA 202African American Drama
DRA 205African American Musical Theater
DRA 210Acting II
DRA 215Modes of Drama
DRA 217Voice and Diction for Performance Communication
DRA 218Movement for Theatre and Performance
DRA 219Theatre Learning Lab
DRA 221Topics on Production
DRA 235Introduction to Stage Management
DRA 241Theatrical Imagination
DRA 272Performance Histories (Ancient to Early Modern)
DRA 273Performance Histories (1600-1900)
DRA 274Performance Histories (1901-Present)
DRA 280Performance Industry Structure
DRA 305Fusions: Theatre and Identity in the 21st Century
DRA 306Text/Performance/Adaptation
DRA 310Acting III
DRA 314Media Workshop for Actors/Directors
DRA 315Theater and Education
DRA 321Directing
DRA 331Design for the Theater
DRA 345Spanish Theater
DRA 350Theater for Social Action
DRA 352Theater and Therapy
DRA 354English Drama to 1800
DRA 355Modern European Drama
DRA 356American Drama
DRA 357World Drama to 1800
DRA 358World Drama since 1800
DRA 359Contemporary Drama
DRA 361The Early Shakespeare
DRA 362The Later Shakespeare
DRA 375New Performance
DRA 380Women in Performance
DRA 410Acting IV
DRA 425The Golden Age of Spanish Drama
DRA 426Classical French Drama
DRA 465Spanish Theater in the 20th Century
DRA 470Junior Project
DRA 480Senior Seminar
DRA 490Senior Project
EAS 245Introduction to Asian Traditions
EAS 325East Asian Popular Culture
EAS 326Japanese Cinema Theory and History
ECO 101Introduction to Economics
ECO 111Introduction To Microeconomics
ECO 112Introduction to Macroeconomics
ECO 210Intermediate Microeconomics
ECO 212Intermediate Macroeconomics
ECO 213Money and Capital Markets
ECO 214Money and Banking
ECO 230Introduction to Economic and Managerial Statistics
ECO 231Quantitative Analysis of Business and Economic Problems
ECO 240Managerial Finance I
ECO 250International Economics
ECO 251International Political Economy
ECO 252Economic Geography
ECO 253United States History Economic History
ECO 256Analysis of Underdeveloped Areas
ECO 257The Japanese Economy
ECO 261Labor Relations
ECO 285Economics for Engineers
ECO 291Political Economy of War and Peace
ECO 296History of American Business
ECO 305Sports Economics
ECO 315Monetary Theory and Policy
ECO 318Economic and Business Forecasting
ECO 323Introduction to Econometrics
ECO 326Introduction to Mathematical Economics
ECO 327Intermediate Mathematical Economics
ECO 330Public Finance
ECO 331Law and Economics
ECO 332Health Economics
ECO 333Economics and Philosophy
ECO 335Behavioral Economics
ECO 336Industrial Organization
ECO 338Government and Business
ECO 345Managerial Finance II
ECO 352Comparative Economic Systems
ECO 356Economic Growth and Development
ECO 360Investment Analysis
ECO 361Labor Economics
ECO 370International Finance
ECO 376Non-Profit Instution
ECO 385Engineering Economics
ECO 387Managerial Economics
ECO 388Economics of Natural Resources and the Environment
ECO 389Economics and Technology
ECO 390History of Economic Thought
ECO 392Urban Economics
ECO 395Foundations of Modern Capitalism
ECO 410Seminar in Economic Analysis
ECO 490Senior Seminar in Geography, Economics, Political Science, and Philosophy
EDC 105Introductory Seminar on Infants and Toddlers in Early Childhood Education
EDC 108Introduction to Early Childhood Education
EDC 215Psychological Foundations of Early Childhood Education
EDC 217Affective Development of the Child
EDC 218Language and Literacy in the Early Childhood Curriculum
EDC 310Reading and Writing in the Primary Grades
EDC 316Social Contexts of Early Childhood Education
EDC 332Creative Arts in an Integrated Early Childhood Curriculum
EDC 340Early Childhood Mathematics Education
EDC 342Teaching Science As Inquiry in Early Childhood
EDC 350Fieldwork in Preschool Classrooms
EDC 360Social Studies in Early Childhood Education
EDC 402Reflection and Analysis in Student Teaching (Early Childhood)
EDC 412Reading in Primary and Upper Elementary Classroom II
EDC 440Student Teaching and Seminar in Early Childhood Education I
EDC 441Student Teaching and Seminar in Early Childhood Education II
EDD 252History of Education in the United States
EDE 200Social Foundations of Education
EDE 206Writing for Teachers
EDE 260Psychological Foundations of Education
EDE 301Literacy Development and Language Acquisition in Elementary Education
EDE 302Social Studies, Art, and Reading and Language Arts in Elementary Education
EDE 303Mathematics, Science, and Music in Elementary Education
EDE 400Student Teaching in Elementary Education
EDE 402Reflection and Analysis in Student Teaching in Elementary Education
EDP 220Special Educational Needs of People with Disabilities
EDP 310Survey of Exceptional Children I
EDP 311Survey of Exceptional Children II
EDS 201Social Foundations of Secondary Education
EDS 202Psychological Foundations of Secondary Education
EDS 298Teacher Academy Fieldwork Seminar
EDS 299Education Fieldwork Seminar
EDS 301The Pedagogy of Secondary School in Social Studies
EDS 302The Pedagogy of Secondary School in English
EDS 303The Pedagogy of Secondary School in Mathematics
EDS 304The Pedagogy of Secondary School in Science
EDS 305The Pedagogy of Secondary School in Foreign Language
EDS 307Discovery Learning and Interdisciplinary Instruction
EDS 315The Secondary School Curriculum in the Social Studies
EDS 316The Secondary School Curriculum in English
EDS 317The Secondary School Curriculum in Mathematics
EDS 318The Secondary School Curriculum in Science
EDS 319The Secondary School Curriculum in Foreign Language
EDS 400Student Teaching in Secondary Education
EDS 401Reflection and Analysis in Student Teaching in Secondary Education
EDS 402Std Tchg/Sec Ed Para
ELT 113Introduction to Electronics
ELT 114Computer-aided Technology
ELT 224Electrical Circuit Analysis
ELT 225Electrical Circuit Analysis Laboratory
ELT 331Electronics Laboratory
ELT 334Electronics
ELT 345Microprocessor Laboratory
ELT 437Electrical Power Transmission and Distribution
ELT 442Computer Hardware Technology
ELT 466Telecommunications Systems Engineering
ENG 001Developmental Writing I
ENG 002Basic Reading
ENG 003Developmental Writing II
ENG 004Developmental Reading
ENG 007Developmental English for Non-Native Speakers
ENG 008Developmental Writing for Non-Native Speakers of English
ENG 009Basic Reading for Non-Native Speakers of English
ENG 010Developmental Reading for Non-Native Speakers of English
ENG 014Reading For College
ENG 037Writing for Non-Native Speakers of English
ENG 039Reading for Non-Native Speakers of English
ENG 111Introduction to College Writing
ENG 151College Writing
ENG 170Literature and Society
ENH 201British Literature to 1800
ENH 202British Literature since 1800
ENH 203Literary History of the United States to 1855
ENH 204Literary History of the United States since 1855
ENH 205Classics of European Literature
ENH 206Classics of Modern World Literature
ENH 207Asian Literatures Before 1900
ENH 208Contemporary Literature
ENH 209Literature and Global Cultures
ENH 210Introduction to Fiction
ENH 211Introduction to Poetry
ENH 212Introduction to Drama
ENH 213Introduction to Nonfiction
ENH 214Trends In Literature And Film
ENH 215Literature and Humanities
ENH 216The Bible and Later Literature
ENH 217Introduction to Shakespeare
ENH 218Introduction to the Study of Literature
ENH 219Introduction to Popular Literature
ENH 221African American Literature
ENH 222Women And Literature
ENH 223Introduction to African Diaspora Literature
ENH 224U.S. Literature: Multicultural Perspectives
ENH 225Literature of Social Protest
ENL 112Public Speaking
ENL 212Discussion and Debate
ENL 230History of Print Media
ENL 265Journal I
ENL 267Craft of Creative Writing
ENL 272Playwriting I
ENL 274Introduction to Screen Writing
ENL 277Introduction to Journalism
ENL 280Introduction to Women's Written Expression
ENL 281Writing and Peer Tutoring
ENL 290Introduction to Literary Studies
ENL 300British and American Literary Traditions I
ENL 301American and British Literary Traditions II
ENL 302Oral Interpretation of Literature
ENL 303U.S. Fiction, Early National Period to Late Nineteenth Century.
ENL 304U.S. Fiction, Early North American Literature
ENL 305Critical Approaches to Children's Literature
ENL 306Disabilities in Literature and Culture
ENL 307African Literature
ENL 308Theories of Composition
ENL 309U.S. Literature in Comparative Contexts
ENL 310World Literature in Contexts
ENL 312Theories of Mass Media
ENL 314Literature of Ancient Greece and Rome
ENL 315Early Celtic Literature
ENL 316Literature of Medieval Europe
ENL 317English Literature of Medieval England
ENL 31816th-Century English Literature
ENL 319European Literature of the Renaissance and 17th Century
ENL 32017th-Century English Literature
ENL 321South Asian Literature
ENL 32218th-Century English Literature
ENL 323Coming of Age Narratives
ENL 324Readings in English Romanticism
ENL 325Readings in Victorian Literature
ENL 326European Literature of the Romantic Period
ENL 32720th Century American Poetry
ENL 328Victorian Poetry
ENL 329Migration and Diasporas in Literature and Culture
ENL 330The American Renaissance
ENL 331The Modernists I
ENL 332The Modernists II
ENL 333Modern Irish Writers
ENL 334Modern Russian Literature
ENL 335Modern East Asian Literature
ENL 336Postmodern American Literature
ENL 337The Comic Vision
ENL 338Epic and Romance
ENL 339The Tragic Vision
ENL 340Autobiography and Biography
ENL 341Studies in 18th-Century Fiction
ENL 342Studies in 19th-Century English Fiction
ENL 343Studies in 19th-Century European Fiction
ENL 344American Fiction from 1885 until World War II
ENL 345American Fiction since World War II
ENL 346Modern English Fiction through World War II
ENL 347Major 20th-Century Novelists
ENL 348Women Novelists
ENL 349English and Commonwealth Fiction since World War II
ENL 350American Poetry Through the 19th Century
ENL 35120th-Century British and Irish Poetry
ENL 352Major 20th-Century Poets
ENL 353Contemporary Poetry
ENL 354English Drama to 1800
ENL 355Modern European Drama
ENL 356American Drama
ENL 357World Drama to 1800
ENL 358World Drama since 1800
ENL 359Contemporary Drama
ENL 360Chaucer
ENL 361The Early Shakespeare
ENL 362The Later Shakespeare
ENL 363John Milton
ENL 364Anglophone Arab Literature
ENL 366Walt Whitman
ENL 367Arabic Literature in Translation
ENL 368Queer Studies
ENL 369Gender and the Negotiation of Difference
ENL 370Craft of Creative Nonfiction
ENL 371Craft of Fiction
ENL 372Craft of Poetry
ENL 373Craft of Playwriting
ENL 374Victorian Realist Novels
ENL 375James Joyce
ENL 376British and American Literary Traditions
ENL 377The African-American Literary Tradition
ENL 378Major English Author I
ENL 379Major English Author II
ENL 380Major English Author III
ENL 381Major American Author I
ENL 382Major American Author II
ENL 383Major American Author III
ENL 384Major Woman Author I
ENL 385Major Woman Author II
ENL 386Major Woman Author III
ENL 387Major World Author I
ENL 388Major World Author II
ENL 389Major World Author III
ENL 390Studies in Women in Literature and the Arts
ENL 391Woman as Hero
ENL 392Literature of the African Diaspora
ENL 394Studies in Science Fiction
ENL 395Mythic Concepts and Archetypes in Literature
ENL 396Studies in Global Literature I
ENL 397Studies in Global Literature II
ENL 398Cultural Variety in the Literature of the United States
ENL 399Themes in Literature
ENL 405Literature and Music
ENL 412Broadcast Journalism
ENL 429Autobiographical Writing
ENL 430Creative Writing
ENL 431Fiction Workshop
ENL 432Poetry Workshop
ENL 433Nonfiction Writing
ENL 434Creative Nonfiction Workshop
ENL 435Playwrighting Workshop
ENL 436Screen Writing
ENL 437Writing in the Business World
ENL 438Newspaper Reporting
ENL 440Magazine Writing
ENL 441Writing about Media
ENL 442Women's Written Expression
ENL 445Journalism and Society
ENL 465Writing for the Media
ENL 470Senior Seminar in Literature
ENL 475Writing for Advertising and Public Relations
ENL 480Studies in Advanced Journalism
ENS 100Introduction to Engineering
ENS 102Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Technology
ENS 103Introduction to Electrical & Electronic Technology Laboratory
ENS 104Introduction to Digital Technology
ENS 105Introduction to Digital Technology Laboratory
ENS 110Engineering Graphics
ENS 136Computer-Aided Engineering I
ENS 220Introduction to Computer Engineering
ENS 221Digital Electronics Laboratory
ENS 241Electrical and Electronic Circuits
ENS 249Basic Measurements Laboratory
ENS 250Engineering Mechanics
ENS 310Thermodynamics
ENS 316Dynamics
ENS 322Signals and Noise
ENS 331Digital Signal Processing
ENS 336Computer-Aided Engineering
ENS 342Electrical and Electric Circuits II
ENS 345Solid State Device Fundamentals
ENS 350Transport Processes
ENS 356Theory of Electromagnetic Radiation
ENS 359Mechanical Materials Laboratory
ENS 362Microcontrollers
ENS 371Systems Analysis
ENS 380Mechanics of Solids
ENS 383Electrical Properties of Materials
ENS 384Mechanical Properties of Materials
ENS 410Heat Transfer
ENS 415Network Systems Engineering
ENS 416Applied Elasticity
ENS 420Analog and Digital Systems Design
ENS 432Digital and Analog Communication Systems
ENS 434Energy Conversion
ENS 436Electrical Machines and Energy Systems
ENS 438Power Plant Design and Analysis
ENS 439Systems Laboratory
ENS 441Electrical Power Transmission and Distribution
ENS 446Computer Architecture
ENS 450Fluid Mechanics
ENS 459Applied Mechanics Laboratory
ENS 463Introduction to Nanotechnology
ENS 464Embedded Systems Analysis and Design
ENS 466Telecommunications Systems Engineering
ENS 470Introduction to Environmental Engineering
ENS 471Control Systems
ENS 473Image and Video Processing in Engineering
ENS 485Properties of Materials
ENS 491Advanced Engineering Design I
ENS 492Advanced Engineering Design II
ESC 110Meteorology and Climatology
ESC 111Meterology and Climatology Laboratory
ESC 302Hydrology
ESC 402The Science of Global Warming
FNC 111Personal Financial Management
FNC 213Money and Capital Markets
FNC 214Money and Banking
FNC 300International Finance
FNC 315Monetary Theory and Policy
FNC 345Managerial Finance II
FNC 350Advanced Corporate Finance
FNC 360Investment Analysis
FNC 415Derivatives and Risk Management
FNC 416Mathematics of Finance
FRN 101French Conversation I
FRN 102French Conversation II
FRN 112Basic French I
FRN 113Basic French I
FRN 114Basic French II
FRN 208French for Native Speakers
FRN 213Continuing French I
FRN 215Continuing French II
FRN 313Advanced Communication Skills
FRN 325French Civilization
FRN 340An Introduction to the Literature of France
FRN 350Gender in the Francophone World
FRN 355Introduction to Francophone Studies
FRN 426Classical French Drama
FRN 450Contemporary French Literature
FRN 465French Existentialist Literature
GEG 100Introduction to Geography
GEG 101World Regional Geography
GEG 102People and Their Environment
GEG 212Introduction to GIS
GEG 215The Geography of Latin America and the Caribbean
GEG 216Geography of Africa
GEG 220Geography of Western Europe
GEG 221Geography of East Asia
GEG 222Geography of the United States
GEG 223American Landscapes
GEG 225Cultural Geography
GEG 229Geography of New York City
GEG 232Social Geography
GEG 250Conservation and Humanity
GEG 252Economic Geography
GEG 260Urban Geography
GEG 264Political Geography
GEG 266Environmental Ethics
GEG 275Place, Race, and Racism
GEG 301Special Topics of Geography
GEG 312Food, Self, and Society
GEG 322Intermediate GIS
GEG 324Environmental History
GEG 364Geopolitics of United States
GEG 365The City of East Asia
GEG 400Geographical Imaginations
GEG 490Senior Seminar in Geography, Economics, Political Science, and Philosophy
GEO 100Planet Earth
GEO 101Planet Earth Laboratory
GEO 102Earth Systems History
GEO 103Earth Systems History Lab
GEO 105Environmental Geology
GEO 106Earth Resources
GEO 107Earth Resources Laboratory
GEO 110Field and Environmental Geology of Hawaii
GEO 111Geological Hazards and Natural Disasters
GEO 112Geological Hazards and Natural Disasters Laboratory
GEO 113Pollution and Waste Disposal
GEO 114Pollution and Waste Disposal Laboratory
GEO 115Fundamentals of Physical Geology
GEO 116Fundamentals of Physical Geology Laboratory
GEO 210Earth Materials
GEO 212Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
GEO 220General Geophysics
GEO 230Planetary Geology
GEO 310Geochemistry
GEO 315Residential Field Course
GEO 320Invertebrate Paleontology
GEO 322Structural Geology
GEO 325Marine Geology
GEO 410Geospatial Data Analysis
GEO 450Internship
GEO 460Capstone Research Seminar and Thesis
HED 111First Aid and Safety
HON 101The American Experience: Humanities
HON 121The Arts in New York City
HON 122The Peopling of New York
HON 205Non-U.S. Experience: Humanities
HON 206The Non-Western Experience: Social Sciences
HON 223Science and Technology in New York City
HON 224Shaping the Future of New York City
HON 301Interdisciplinary Honors Seminar
HON 400Honors Seminar in the Humanities and Social Sciences
HON 401Honors Seminar in the Sciences
HST 100Past and Present
HST 105Contemporary African Issues
HST 106Africa Encounters Europe
HST 110Individual and Society in Ancient Greece
HST 112New Approaches to History
HST 115Comparative Ancient Religion
HST 116Freshman Seminar in History
HST 160African American History: 1619 to the Present
HST 182Women's History and FeministTheory
HST 200Historical Method
HST 201History of Western Civilization: Antiquity to 1500
HST 202History of Western Civilization since 1500
HST 203The World Since 1900
HST 204Introduction to Asian Civilization
HST 206Modern China
HST 207History of Africa
HST 208History of Modern Latin America
HST 209Modern Japan
HST 210History of Modern India
HST 211Japanese Civilization
HST 212History of the Ancient Near East
HST 213Chinese Civilization
HST 214Greece and the Hellenistic World
HST 215The Origins of Western Europe: 400-1000 CE
HST 216Byzantine Thought and Civilization
HST 217Introduction to Women's History
HST 218The Roman World
HST 219Greek and Roman Mythology
HST 220Medieval Thought and Civilization
HST 221The American Dream
HST 222Islam: Religion and Culture
HST 223American Landscapes
HST 224Jewish History
HST 225History of Christianity
HST 228Renaissance and Reformation Europe
HST 229History of Religion from Antiquity to Our Times
HST 230Early Modern England
HST 231Reacting to the Past
HST 234Asian Tigers since 1945
HST 235The Modern Middle East
HST 236Asian American History
HST 238World Civilization I
HST 239World Civilization II
HST 240American Ideas
HST 244United States History: 1607-1865
HST 245United States History: 1865-Present
HST 246Religion in America
HST 248New York City: History and Problems
HST 249Italian American History
HST 251History of the U.S. City
HST 252History of Education in the United States
HST 253United States Economic History
HST 254History of Staten Island
HST 257The History of American Immigration
HST 258Vietnam and America: 1945-1975
HST 260U.S.History, First Encounters to the Present
HST 262African American History: 1619-1865
HST 263African American History: 1865 to the Present
HST 264The African Diaspora
HST 265History of the Caribbean
HST 266Peoples and Cultures of Africa
HST 267Contemporary African Issues
HST 269Blacks in Urban America: 1900-Present
HST 270Modern British History: 1700-1900
HST 271Modern British History: 1900 to the Present
HST 272Modern Germany
HST 273Medieval Russia
HST 274History of Modern Russia
HST 275Imperial Russia
HST 276History of Italy
HST 277History of Nineteenth-Century Europe
HST 278The History of Twentieth-Century Europe
HST 279History of the Balkans: 1453 to the Present
HST 280History of Science
HST 281History of Work
HST 284The Soviet Union and Contemporary Russia
HST 285The World of the 21st Century
HST 286History of American Women
HST 290The West and the World: Africa Encounters Europe
HST 291The Atlantic World
HST 292The West and the World: Cross-Cultural Encounters in the Medieval World
HST 300Historiography
HST 305Women in Latin America
HST 307Medieval England
HST 315The European Discovery of America and the Encounter with the Native Peoples: 1492 to1581
HST 318Themes in Byzantine History
HST 319Medieval Cities
HST 320Topics in Ancient and Medieval History
HST 321Themes In Classical and Hellenistic History
HST 322The Late Antique World
HST 323Themes in Roman Republican and Imperial History
HST 324Environmental History
HST 325The Silk Road
HST 327The World of Late Imperial China
HST 328Early Modern Europe
HST 330Nationalist Movements and the Process of Independence in Africa
HST 331Black Intellectual Thought in the African Diaspora
HST 332The Age of Revolutions: 1765-1820
HST 333Colonialism and the African Experience
HST 335Society and Culture in the United States
HST 336Themes in United States History: 1607-1788
HST 337Early American Republic: 1788-1850
HST 338Themes in United States History: 1877-1914
HST 339Themes in United States History: 1914-1945
HST 340United States Foreign Policy in the 20th Century
HST 344War and Society in Modern America
HST 348The Holocaust in European History
HST 349United States History since 1945
HST 350Comparative Urban History
HST 351Spain and Its World, 1469-1808
HST 352Resistance and Revolt in Latin America
HST 361The Heritage of Marcus Garvey and W.E.B. DuBois
HST 370The Middle East and Europe
HST 371The 1960s in Europe
HST 372The World of Tokugawa Japan
HST 375Economic History of Soviet Russia
HST 376Nazi Germany
HST 382War and Society
HST 384Social and Political Ideologies in the Modern World
HST 386The Recovery of Women's Past
HST 388Imperialism
HST 389Themes in American Women's History
HST 401Seminar in Advanced Historical Study
INS 100Integrated Physical Science I
INS 101Integrated Physical Science I Laboratory
INS 110Integrated Physical Science II
INS 111Integrated Physical Science II Laboratory
INT 100International Studies
INT 200Contemporary Global Issues
INT 201Latin American Perspectives
INT 203Gender in the Contemporary World
INT 230Aspects Cont China
INT 235Policing and Mass Incarceration
INT 240The African Diaspora: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
INT 305Power and Society in Latin America
INT 307Carribbean Societies
INT 332Social Movements and Social Justice
INT 367Globalization and the World System
INT 400Sen Sem Intrnat Stud
INT 591Internatl Ind Stdy
INT 592Internatl Ind Stdy
INT 593Internatl Ind Stdy
INT 594Internatl Ind Stdy
INT 595Internatnal Intrnshp
INT 596Internatnal Intern
INT 597Internatnal Intern
INT 598Internatnal Intern
ISI 205Data Communications and IT Infrastructure
ISI 210Electronic Health Records Management
ISI 300Information Structures for Business
ISI 315Information Security and Risk Management
ISI 334Business Intelligence and Analytics
ISI 352Introduction to Systems Analysis
ISI 364Enterprise Computing Strategies
ISI 374Information Systems Project Management
ISI 490Project in Information Systems and Informatics
ITL 101Italian Conversation I
ITL 102Italian Conversation II
ITL 112Basic Italian I
ITL 113Basic Italian I
ITL 114Basic Italian II
ITL 120Intensive Italian I
ITL 208Italian for Native Speakers
ITL 213Continuing Italian I
ITL 215Continuing Italian II
ITL 220Intensive Italian II
ITL 313Advanced Communication Skills
ITL 320Italian Civilization and Culture
ITL 325Italian Experience in the Americas
ITL 330History of Italian Cinema
ITL 340Introduction to Italian Literature
ITL 341Literary Survey I: Medieval, Renaissance
ITL 342Literary Survey II: Modern Italian Studies
ITL 345Italian Theatre
ITL 350Gender in Italian Literature
ITL 352Themes in Medieval and Renassance Literature
ITL 353Themes in Modern and Contemporary Italian Literature
ITL 360Italian Short Story
ITL 370Structures of Italian
ITL 410Dante
ITL 420Italian Literary Renaissance
ITL 440Italian 19th-Century Literature
ITL 450Modern Italian Literature
ITL 470Genre, Theme, Key Author: Medieval and Rennaisance Literature
ITL 471Genre, Theme, Key Author: Modern and Contemporary Literature
LAT 113Basic Latin I
LAT 114Basic Latin II
LAT 213Continuing Latin I
LIB 102Beyond Google; Research for College Success
LING 101Linguistic Diversity
LING 201Introduction to Language
LING 301Introduction to Linguistics
LING 302Phonetics
LING 303Phonology I
LING 304Syntax I
LING 305Second Language Learning
LING 350The Structure of Words
LING 360Word and Sentence Prosody
LING 370Language Change
LING 380Sociology of Language
LING 390History of English
LING 402Speech Science
LING 403Phonology II
LING 404Syntax II
LING 405Semantics and Pragmatics
LING 410First Language Acquisition
LING 411Psycholinguistics
LING 412Sign Language Linguistics
LING 420Anatomy and Physiology for Speech Science
LING 430Phonetic and Phonological Disorders
LING 450Audiology
LNG 156Contemporary European Drama
LNG 162Western European Culture - France
LNG 163Western European Culture - Germany
LNG 164Western European Culture - Italy
LNG 165Western European Culture - Spain
LNG 168Latin American Culture
LNG 230Aspects of Contemporary China
LNG 266Women in European Literature to the Renaissance
LNG 267Women in European Literature after the Renaissance
LNG 304US Fiction, Early North American Literature
LNG 308Gender and Sexuality in China and Japanese Literature
LNG 309U.S. Literature in Comparative Contexts
LNG 315Languages in Contrast: English and Chinese
LNG 364Anglophone Arab Literature
LNG 367Arabic Literature in Translation
LNG 387Major World Author I
LNG 388Major World Author II
LNG 389Major World Author III
LNG 396Studies in Global Literature I
LNG 397Studies in Global Literature II
LNG 406Postwar Italian Cinema
LNG 426Second Language Learning
MDT 100Hematology
MDT 160Clinical Science
MDT 310Blood Transfusion Technology
MDT 325Diagnostic Molecular Biology
MDT 371Clinical Parasitology
MDT 372Medical Mycology
MDT 375Comprehensive Review
MDT 380Medical Technology Training I
MDT 384Laboratory Operations and Management
MDT 480Medical Technology Training II
MGT 110Organizational Theory and Management
MGT 210Management Process
MGT 223Public Administration
MGT 230Introduction to Managerial and Economic Statistics
MGT 261Labor Relations
MGT 314Small Business Management
MGT 320Management of Organizational Behavior
MGT 321Production Management
MGT 322Human Resource Administration
MGT 323Public Policy Analysis
MGT 324Introduction to Econometrics
MGT 325International Management
MGT 326Sports Management
MGT 339Administrative Law
MGT 410Business Policy
MGT 416Capstone Business Simulation
MGT 423The Collective Bargaining Process
MKT 111Marketing
MKT 211Advertising
MKT 215Principles of Selling
MKT 310Consumer Behavior
MKT 311Personal Selling and Sales Management
MKT 316Retailing and Channels of Distribution
MKT 320International Marketing
MKT 325Advertising Buying Strategy
MKT 360Digital Marketing
MKT 370Advanced Marketing Strategy I
MKT 371Advanced Marketing Strategy II
MKT 410Marketing Research
MKT 420Marketing Management
MKT 490Marketing Seminar
MTH 015Elementary Algebra with Proficiency Exam Review
MTH 020Elementary Algebra
MTH 025Selected Topics in Intermediate Algebra
MTH 030Intermediate Algebra
MTH 035Intermediate Algebra
MTH 102Mathematics for Liberal Arts Students
MTH 103Mathematical Ideas