Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2020

ART 205 Modern Art in Latin America(RLA)

(Also AMS 205). 4 hours; 4 credits. An introduction to the development of modern art in Latin America. We will study the emergence of key art movements in Latin America and how artists participated in and responded to important historical events and social changes across the Americas. How have Latin American artists portrayed the idea of "Latin America" or being "Latino" in their work? Other issues will include: negotiating with their colonial past and with European models of modernity; art and revolution; the question of indigenous art forms and the "popular"; diasporic continuities within Latin America, Latino experience in the United States, and mestizaje (cultural mixing). (arts & com) (p&d) (TALA). Prerequisites: ENG 111 and (ART 100 or ART 200 or ART 201 or AMS 101). Please Note: This course satisfies the college option.



Cross Listed Courses

AMS 205