Graduate Catalog 2018-2019

Tuition and Fees

Office of the Bursar

North Administration Building 2A, Room 105

Bursar: Michael D. Baybusky


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All tuition and fees schedules listed in this Catalog and in any registration material issued by the College are subject to change by action of the Board of Trustees without prior notice.

All tuition and fee schedules are necessarily subject to change without notice, at any time, upon action by the Board of Trustees of The City University of New York regardless of tuition and fee schedules in effect at the time of this printing.

If you do not make full payment on your tuition and fees and other college bills and your account is sent to a collection agency, you will be responsible for all collection costs, including agency fees, attorney fees, and court costs, in addition to whatever amounts you owe the College.

In addition, non-payment or a default judgment against your account may be reported to a credit bureau and reflected in your credit report.


All tuition and fee charges are subject to change without prior notice by the CUNY Board of Trustees.

UNDERGRADUATE Resident Non-Resident
full-time matriculated $3,365/semester $600/equated credit
part-time matriculated $295/equated credit $600/equated credit
non-degree $430/equated credit $890/equated credit
GRADUATE* Resident Non-Resident
full-time matriculated $5,385/semester $830/credit
part-time matriculate $455/credit $830/credit
excess hours $65/hour $85/hour
Academic Excellence Fee* Resident Non-Resident
full-time matriculated $500/semester $90/credit
part-time matriculated $50/credit $90/credit
MSW Resident Non-Resident
full-time $7,105/semester $970/credit
part-time $600/credit $970/credit
excess hours If applicable If applicable
DPT Resident Non-Resident
full-time Level 1 $5,810/semester** $1,045/credit
full-time Level 1  $6,405/semester***  $1,045/credit
part-time Level 1 $665/credit $1,045/credit
Level 2 $4,010/semester $7,700/semester
Level 3 n/a n/a
excess hours If applicable If applicable
DNP Resident Non-Resident
full-time Level 1,2,3 $7,105/semester $970/credit
part-time Level 1,2,3 $600/credit $970/credit
ME  Resident Non-Resident
full-time $6,300/semester  $920/credit
part-time $535/credit  $920/credit

*Academic Excellence Fee is applicable to all Graduate Nursing Programs.

**Rate for full-time resident continuing students (enrolled prior to academic year 2017-2018).

***Rate for full-time resident students in the cohort entering academic year 2017-2018.

The last date for submitting documentation for a residency status change for tuition billing purposes is the last day of final examinations (see the academic calendar located on the Registrar’s home page).

Matriculated Status

If a student’s matriculation status changes on or after the first day of classes, the lower matriculation tuition charge will not be effective until the next semester’s registration. No refunds will be issued for the semester in which the reclassification occurs. Students who have satisfied their baccalaureate degree requirements (graduated) and wish to take additional credits beyond the degree will automatically be coded non-degree and charged the higher non-degree rate per credit, unless they have filed for a second undergraduate degree in the Registrar’s Office by the last business day before the first day of classes.

Student Status

Graduate students are considered part-time if registered for 11 equated credits or less, and full-time if registered for 12 or more equated credits.

Senior Citizens

Individuals satisfying the New York City/State residency requirements and who are 60 years of age or older (as of the first day of the semester or session) are permitted to enroll in undergraduate courses on a space-available basis. Proof of age is required by the College; the following forms of proof of age are acceptable: Medicare card, driver’s license, or birth certificate.

Administrative fee: A non-refundable administrative fee of $80 per semester or session is charged senior citizens who are enrolling on an audit basis. The application fee and Student Activity Fee are not charged. Senior citizens as students are responsible for the Consolidated Service Fee and any other fees they might incur.

Graduate courses: Senior citizens are not permitted to register free of tuition or fee for graduate-level courses. Senior citizens may register for graduate courses on a space-available basis and are charged the graduate tuition rate regardless. No exception is made for matriculated or non-matriculated status. The Student Activity Fee and application fee must also be paid.

Place of Residence

Students are eligible for the tuition rate for residents of New York State if they meet the following requirements for resident status: are 18 years of age or older, are United States citizens or aliens with permanent resident status, have maintained their principal place of abode in New York State for a period of 12 consecutive months immediately preceding the first day of classes for the semester under consideration, and state their intention to live permanently and maintain their principal place of abode in New York State. The residence of a person under the age of 18 is that of his/her parents unless the person is an emancipated minor (one whose parents have intentionally and voluntarily renounced all the legal duties and surrendered all the legal rights of their position as parents). Students currently classified as non-residents, who wish to apply for resident status, must present proof that the above conditions have been met to the Office of Admissions or the Office of the Registrar.

Maintenance of Matriculation Fee

Graduate students who are not registered in a given semester must pay a maintenance of matriculation fee of $220 for New York residents or $360 for non-residents a semester if they wish to maintain their matriculated status. If the fee is not paid, the student will be considered to have withdrawn and must apply for readmission.

Non-Instructional Fees

Fees are subject to change without prior notice by the CUNY Board of Trustees.

Student Activity $138.15* Full-time students
$102.15* Part-time students
   $72.15 Summer Semester Per Session
Senate 1.45 for all full-time students
1.45 for all part-time students
Technology $125 for full-time students
$62.50 for part-time students
Consolidated $15 all students pay this fee
Service Fee
Freshman $65 payable upon filing application for admission or at the time of initial registration at the College
Undergraduate Transfer $70
Graduate $75
Doctoral $75
Readmission $20 payable on registration after an absence from the College of one or more semesters
Program Change $18 for any addition to the student's initial registration
Senior Citizen $80
Cooperating $25
Teacher Waiver
Late Registration $25 charged after the specified registration period
Late Payment $15 charged after bill due date
Reinstatement $15
Transcript $7 each (except for copies going to other CUNY colleges for which there is no charge). Check or money order only.
Reprocessing $15 for bad checks
Duplicate Bill $5
Maintenance of Matriculation NYS Resident $220 per semester for matriculated graduate students who do not wish to register for courses during the current semester
Maintenance of Matriculation NYS Non-Resident $360 per semester for matriculated graduate students who do not wish to register for courses during the current semester
Duplicate Diploma $15
Duplicate ID Card $5
Duplicate Record $5
Special Examination $25 for the first; $5 each additional examination

*Included in the Student Activity Fee is the NYPIRG ($4) fee.

Students attending both the Winter Session and following spring semester will be charged fees based on total credits for winter and spring semester combined. All non-matriculated and visiting students attending the Winter Session only will be charged fees based on credits enrolled. All matriculated students attending the Winter Session only will not be charged fees for the Winter Session.

Effective Summer 2013, students attending both Summer Session I and Summer Session II will be charged a separate Student Activity Fee, Senate Fee, and Consolidated Service Fee for each session.

Miscellaneous Fees and Charges

Note: All students pay the Consolidated Service Fee and the Technology Fee.

Consolidated Service Fee $15
Technology Fee $125
(full-time students per semester)
(part-time students per semester)
Application $125
Readmission $20
Late registration $25
Reinstatement $15
Program change $18
Late payment $25
Payment reprocessing $15
Special examination $15 ($5 each additional)
Transcript $7 each
(no fee for other CUNY units)
Duplicate diploma $15
Duplicate I.D. card $5
Duplicate bill $5
Thesis binding $15

Materials Charges

Special materials charges of $10 or more are required in some courses. Materials charges are not refundable.

Library Fines

Overdue books: general circulation: 10 cents per day, including days on which the Library is closed, to a maximum of the current price of the item.

Reserve items: $1.20 per overdue hour to a maximum of the current price of the item.

Damaged books: borrower must pay any overdue fines up to and including the date the item is reported as being damaged, plus an amount to be determined by the nature and extent of the damage, not to exceed the current price of the item, plus a processing charge of $10.

Lost items: borrower must pay a $10 processing charge in addition to the current price of the item.


Students are responsible for all Tuition and Fee payments based upon their registration. Once a student registers for a semester they are considered to be enrolled at the college unless they officially withdraw through the Registrar’s Office. If a student does not officially withdraw prior to the start of the semester they are responsible for all tuition and fee charges based upon the CUNY’s academic calendar regardless of their class attendance. Any student that does not pay their bill in full by their due date is subject to removal from their classes at the discretion of the College. Please be aware that students are responsible for all tuition and fee charges regardless of their Financial Aid eligibility. Students with unpaid charges will not be permitted to register for additional classes or to receive official documents from the college.

Tuition and Fee Refunds

When courses are canceled by the College a full refund of appropriate tuition and fees will be made. In cases of student-initiated withdrawal, the date on which the withdrawal application is received by the Registrar, not the last date of attendance, is considered the official date of withdrawal for the purpose of computing refunds. Withdrawal from a course before the beginning of classes allows a 100 percent refund of tuition only; withdrawal in order to register at another unit of The City University during the same semester allows a 100 percent refund. The withdrawal application form is available from the Registrar. Withdrawals for medical reasons require documentation. Non-attendance of class or informing the instructor of intent to withdraw does not constitute an official withdrawal.

Students should be aware that withdrawal or failure to complete a course affects their financial aid obligations. Questions about financial aid obligations should be referred to the Office of Student Financial Aid. If a portion of tuition charges has been paid with federal financial aid funds, that portion of any tuition refund is returned to the appropriate financial aid program.

Return of Title IV Funds

Title IV funds (Pell, SEOG, Direct, and Perkins loans) to recipients who are withdrawn from all courses, officially or unofficially, are subject to recalculation to determine earned federal financial aid. This calculation may result in a requirement of payment toward tuition and fees, which previously was determined to have been satisfied.