Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2020

BUS 598 Business Internship(RNL)

Internships are experiences in a work situation that integrate an academic area of study with work experience. Courses designated Internships are individual, non-classroom, extended learning projects. They require an on-site supervisor as well as a full-time faculty member as project sponsor. Internships require a daily log of activities, an assigned reading list or preparation of a relevant bibliography, and a final paper that summarizes the way in which goals were achieved and demonstrates the relationship of academic material to the work done during the internship. Internship courses are considered non-liberal arts and sciences. Internship students may not receive credit for paid employment unless they demonstrate the relationship of an appropriate body of academic material to the work required in their employment. The policy on individual Internship projects does not govern the regularly established professional internships (e.g., medical technology, communications).