Graduate Catalog 2019-2020

SWK 714 Social Work Macro Practice: Community Organizing and Development(GNA)

3 hours. Provides a framework of systems, power, and inter-organizational network theories, and defines communities in terms of issues, identity and place. Social work values of social and economic justice, participation, democratic practices, social inclusion, empowerment, and capacity building with communities inclusive of people with disabilities, will serve as a foundation for this course. This course will explore models of community organizing, including: locality development, social planning and social action, as well as transformative, participatory, feminist, community building and power-based models. Students will examine consensus, campaign, and contest strategies and tactics relative to these models and the techniques for recruiting and mobilizing citizens and constituencies to address social issues and build on local assets. This course also examines methods for blending participative community organization and local programs with knowledge and an understanding of community-based resource development. Assessment is made of a community development corporation as a model for revitalizing and cultivating local resources (economic & human capital) that serve to advance human rights, social justice and the well-being of people with disabilities.




Admission to MSW Program and SWK 665 and SWK 732