Graduate Catalog 2019-2020

SWK 674 MSW Integrative Seminar II(GLA)

1 hour; 1 credit. Second of two course foundation integrative seminar courses. this course is designed to support the educational focus of students' agency-based practicum. The seminar meets weekly over the course of the first year foundation practicum placement. The course assists students in applying in their agencies the knowledge acquired throughout the MSW foundation curriculum, and in acquiring new knowledge to inform their practice. The seminar provides opportunities to analyze and critically reflect upon placement experiences and to link these experiences with ideas and concepts from class and related readings. Students discuss practice concerns and examine issues of professional development. By exchanging information in the seminar, students broaden their practicum education beyond their individual placements and gain a basic understanding of social work practice in diverse settings. The Field Seminar must be taken concurrently with the Internship. Prerequisite: B or better in SWK 654. Corequisite: SWK 660 and SWK 675.