Graduate Catalog 2019-2020

NRS 725 Primary Health Care Adult-Gerontology(GNA)

3 hours; 3 credits.This course emphasizes health promotion, health protection, and health restoration with the adult-gerontological population experiencing acute and chronic illnesses affecting certain systems such as cardiovascular, pulmonary and gastrointestinal. Differential diagnosis and treatment of common health problems and human responses using evidence-based modalities are emphasized. The partnership model of working with consumers is emphasized and quality, safety, and cultural aspects of living with acute and chronic illnesses are explored. Research findings and relevant theories for advanced practice nursing with adult-gerontology populations, their families and communities are addressed. Prerequisites: BIO 670, NRS 682/BIO 682, NRS 700, NRS 701, NRS 702. Pre- or corequisite: NRS 730