Graduate Catalog 2019-2020

HST 723 Oral History Methods, Theories, and Practices(GLA)

4 hours; 4 credits. A seminar in Oral History methods, theories, and practices, with a focus on the skills and perspectives needed to undertake applied oral historical research and writing. Introduces students to the central contributions and challenges of oral history, a discipline of widespread use in public history projects. Topics to be addressed include: ethics and legal issues in oral historical research; Institutional Review Boards; the narrator-interviewer interaction; digital technology; translation of the oral text into a written document; the ethics of interpreting the interview testimony; archival repositories for oral testimonies; the role of the community in the dissemination and reception of oral historical projects. As part of the course, students will carry out at least one oral history interview.




Admission to the History MA Program and HST 701, or permission of the Coordinator of the History MA Program.