Graduate Catalog 2019-2020

EDM 607 Curriculum and Pedagogy Support in Science for Special Education Teachers of Adolescent Students(GNA)

2 lecture hours, 2 laboratory hours; 3 credits. Teaches skills needed by special education generalists to teach Mathematics in a supportive role, in grades 7-12. It assumes and builds upon mathematical content knowledge acquired in prerequisite study. The course connects pedagogical support strategies to curriculum standards in mathematics. Attention is given to special materials and technology tools that can assist adolescent students in understanding curricular topics in number systems, algebra, functions, modeling, geometry and measurement, and probability and statistics. Fieldwork of 15 hours is required. The weekly conference hour will be scheduled on-line and involve discussions focused on enhancing theoretical understanding of the concepts introduced in the regularly scheduled sessions. Note: This course is for the Sequence 2 program. Prerequisite: Entry into Sequence 2 of the Generalist MSEd program