Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

International Studies

Interdisciplinary Program

Director: Roshen Hendrickson, Associate Professor

March Hall Bldg 2N, Room 234

The International Studies Major offers a baccalaureate degree and minor. The degree program is an interdisciplinary major with a predominantly social science emphasis–history, political science, economics–that allows for a measure of geopolitical specialization. Students choose courses from the categories of economics/geography, culture and society, and political science. They also select classes that focus on a geographical area: Africa/Middle East, Asia, Caribbean/Latin America, or Europe.

Study Abroad: International Studies majors are strongly urged to plan and schedule a semester of study abroad in their junior or senior year through the Center for International Service.

Internship: International Studies majors are urged to plan and schedule an internship with an international organization through the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences.

International Studies Courses