Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

NRS 411 Leadership and Management in Nursing(RNL)

3 lecture hours, 6 laboratory hours. Nursing, leadership, and management theories are discussed and analyzed in relation to their influence on care of diverse individuals, families, and communities in the practice setting. Nursing leadership and management roles and responsibilities are discussed as they apply to individuals, staff, and organizations. Conceptual themes of critical thinking, decision making, and therapeutic nursing interventions in relation to quality improvement initiatives are integrated throughout the course. Evidence-based practice and research findings are examined for their relevance in refining and extending the role of leader in professional nursing practice.




NRS 303 and NRS 310 and NYS RN License

Prerequisites or Corequisites

NRS 321


All NRS courses require students to uphold College standards of Academic integrity. Academic Integrity examination platforms such as Respondus, ATI or other CUNY sanctioned software are required for all students enrolled. Registration for NRS clinical courses is predicated on clearances that are agency specific and time sensitive. The CSI department of Nursing of nursing (and CUNY) use CastleBranch to monitor and maintain student health clearance requirements for clinical practice. All students are required to have a current CastleBranch account. Prior to beginning any clinical placements, students must submit required health and professional clinical practice clearance documents by the deadlines announced by the department. A satisfactory background check and drug screen are also required. Students not in compliance with these requirements by the onboarding date can be deregistered.  Please retain a copy of each document and keep a set available to you while in the clinical setting. Equipment such as goggles, N95 mask and other PPE are required at a potential cost to the student for fit testing and equipment.

Students are onboarded in a clinical agency portal that requires proof of current Health Care Provider CPR certification, agency specific module completion for orientation, and other requirements and trainings. This onboarding may take place weeks in advance of the semester start. Switching sections after registration is not possible due to these requirements. Due to the evolving nature of the health care environment, requirement due dates may be precipitous and will be communicated to students using Navigate CSI and campus official email. Faculty advisors or administrators may also request updated clearance documents from students in whom they assess a health status change that may impact patient safety. Students are required to maintain and check campus email regularly and enroll in Navigate CSI. All formal communication regarding academic standing and continuation criteria will be communicated via Navigate.

Save the date :

All students enrolled for Spring 2022 in NRS 120, NRS 210, NRS 211, NRS 220, NRS 221, NRS 410, NRS 411 are required to bring onboarding documentation to CSI Department of Nursing on Friday Nov 19 by appointment TBA.
Documentation to be provided includes:

Onboarding requirements for each agency.

Students are required to be fit tested for N95 masks  using a school approved vendor at a potential cost to the student.

COVID-19 Vaccination Card**

Proof of up to date vaccination for: MMR**, Varicella**, TdaP** , Hepatitis B*, Influenza vaccination for 2022 season*.

BLS Healthcare Provider certificate valid for entire semester**.

TB testing documentation signed by HCP  performed after June 1, 2021 ( PPD or Quantiferon lab test) .

Castlebranch required Background Check certificate performed after June 1  2021.

Castlebranch required negative Urine drug screen performed after June 1, 2021 (Note some agencies will require a UDS performed again TBA) Each course may require a Castlebranch only UDS within 90 days of the start of class. 

 ** required for enrollment. Student not in compliance by 1.7.2022 will be registered.

* declination form is an option at this time subject to change by agency with enrollment consequences for refusal