Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

ENS 463 Introduction to Nanotechnology(RNL)

(Also PHY 463). 2 lecture hours, 4 laboratory hours; 4 credits. An introductory course on nanotechnology. It covers the physical basics of submicron- and nano-size structures, methods and materials of nanotechnology, characterization of nanostructures and their industrial applications. The course covers (i) mechanical, electronic, and optical properties of nanoscopic systems; (ii) engineering approaches in nano-electro-mechanics; nanoelectronics, and nanophotonics; (iii) practical computer simulation and design of nanodevices; (iv) practical nanofabrication of rudimentary nanodevices with focused ion beams. Prerequisite: (ENS 485 or PHY 485) or ENS 345.



Cross Listed Courses

PHY 463