Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

CIN 325 East Asian Popular Culture(RLA)

(Also COM 325/EAS 325). 4 hours; 4 credits. An examination of different forms of popular culture in East Asia from historical, sociological, anthropological and media studies perspectives. Looking at TV drama, cinema, animation, music, fashion and fast food, the course investigates how popular culture works and how it shapes people’s lives. In particular, how are cultural forms communicated and circulated in different places, in regional as well as global contexts and how do local dynamics re-shape the forms? Seeing popular culture as terrains of power struggles and articulation, we will explore how class, gender and national identities are constructed and contested through popular culture that is in turn shaped by these social relationships in specific political and historical contexts. Prerequisite: ENG 151 and any 200 level HSS course and sophomore standing or 45 credits.



Cross Listed Courses

COM 325/EAS 325