Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

Degree Maps

Degree Maps are designed as academic guiding tools to be used by students in consultation with their advisor.  These maps will contain suggested courses to follow and complete, term-by-term, and make it easier for students to understand how to graduate in four years.  It's important to note that each student's specific program of study could, and probably will, look different.  Students need to customize the Degree Map to fit their situation and are strongly encouraged to use the Degree Maps, the CSI Undergraduate Catalog, and DegreeWorks for academic planning purposes. The Degree Maps do not replace the College Catalog, which is used to certify degree completion by the Registrar’s Office.  Every effort is made to ensure accuracy; however, Degree Maps are subject to update and revision.

A legend is located at the bottom of each Degree Map. It displays the abbreviation of the requirement area followed by a text description

CE Creative Expression
CO College Option
CW Contemporary World
EC English Composition
IS Individual & Society
LP Life & Physical Sciences
M Major
MQ Mathematical & Quantitative Reasoning
P&D Pluralism & Diversity
RLA Liberal Arts
RNL Non-Liberal Arts
social science Social Scientific Analysis
SW Scientific World
TALA Textual Aesthetic & Linguistic Analysis
RNL Non-Liberal Arts
US US Experience in its Diversity
WG World Cultures & Global Issues
114-level lang. 114-level language 
STEM Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics