Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

The Center for Career and Professional Development

Building 1A, Room 105

Director:  Caryl Watkins


The Center for Career and Professional Development provides a network of on-campus and virtual career skill building opportunities through career exploration, individualized career planning, internship and employment advisement, participation in experiential and service learning programs, engaged educational activities, the Career Success Academy Cohort-model Program, and other career-oriented special opportunities. Center Services include:

  • Career and Internship Advisement including scheduled, walk-in and group appointments for internship search and resume development.
  • Career Information and Exploration using HETS
  • Employment Consultation including competency-based interviewing assistance.
  • Experiential education through the CUNY Cultural Corps program.
  • Four year individualized career planning through the “Career Success Academy” Cohort model Program.
  • Engaged Educational Activities.
  • Round the clock virtualized career planning and development through Accenture “Skills to Succeed” Academy.
  • On Campus Recruitment events including Career Fairs, Meet and Greet Recruiter Tabling, Employer Series Workshops, and Career “Pop-Up” Events in every department.
  • On-line CLUE Program on a variety of career and internship/job preparation topics as well as other virtualized career services.
  • “Careers 24/7” our online career services database that provides comprehensive career readiness information, resume and cover letter development, internship and job placement resources, and access to on campus recruitment around the clock.
  • One credit SPD “Are You Career Ready” Course.