Graduate Catalog 2021-2022

Tuition and Fee Refunds

When courses are canceled by the College a full refund of appropriate tuition and fees will be made. In cases of student-initiated withdrawal, the date on which the withdrawal application is received by the Registrar, not the last date of attendance, is considered the official date of withdrawal for the purpose of computing refunds. Withdrawal from a course before the beginning of classes allows a 100 percent refund of tuition only; withdrawal in order to register at another unit of The City University during the same semester allows a 100 percent refund. The withdrawal application form is available from the Registrar. Withdrawals for medical reasons require documentation. Non-attendance of class or informing the instructor of intent to withdraw does not constitute an official withdrawal.

Students should be aware that withdrawal or failure to complete a course affects their financial aid obligations. Questions about financial aid obligations should be referred to the Office of Student Financial Aid. If a portion of tuition charges has been paid with federal financial aid funds, that portion of any tuition refund is returned to the appropriate financial aid program.