Graduate Catalog 2021-2022

NRS 706 Applied Statistical Thinking and Methods in Health Research

(Also MTH 706) 3 hours; 3 credits. This graduate-level course introduces the learner to statistical thinking and methods as applied in health research. An undergraduate statistics course is a prerequisite for the course. Emphasis is on the blending of basic descriptive and inferential statistical techniques, conceptual understanding, and depreciation for statistical methods. A hands-on interactive, multidimensional approach to teaching-learning includes use of computer software for statistical analyses. Current issues, trends, and technological advances influencing statistical analyses and data interpretation in health research will be explored from the multi-cultural perspective. Selected theories, quantitative research studies, case exemplars, and data sets will be critically appraised for utilization in various health settings and with diverse populations. Ethical issues will be a recurrent theme. Future applications of statistical techniques in health research will be discussed. Prerequisite: Matriculated or non-matriculated status in the graduate program.



Cross Listed Courses

MTH 706