Graduate Catalog 2021-2022

MGT 820 Intellectual Property Management

3 hours; 3 credits. This course will give students the tools to understand and manage the most important aspects of intellectual prop-erty (IP) rights (patents, trademarks and copyrights) in a global environment. The management and protection of corporate IP rights is a critical management function in today's globalized economy. In the case of software and practices of teaching in the field of ASD. Various philosophical, educational, psychological, and clinical paradigms will be incorporated. Throughout the curriculum, whenever appropriate, the counseling needs of families with individuals with ASD will also be addressed. We will also critically evaluate controversial popular but un-proven alternative treatments. The curriculum will consist of lectures by faculty, readings of the professional literature, in-class discussions (with faculty and students), on-site observations and fieldwork under close supervision. The Program was developed to provide additional education and training to post-baccalaureate students (with bachelor's or master's degree) in order to enable them to work with individuals with ASD and their families at a heightened level of expertise.