Graduate Catalog 2021-2022

HST 706 Museum Studies

4 hours; 4 credits. An introduction to the history, theory, and practice of history museums. It will acquaint students with the history of museums and public history sites. Students also will learn the basic tools necessary for working with history museum collections and exhibitions, particularly through an introduction to the theory and practice of the material and visual culture (the study of history through objects and images) that underpins public history and museums. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the history of history museums and historic sites, how and why public history controversy occurs in museums, and how to curate effective exhibitions. The rich array of history museums and sites in New York City offers students the opportunity for hands-on case studies, which they will draw upon to review history museums and their exhibitions, analyze a material culture object, and create a proposal for a history museum exhibition. Prerequisite: Admission to the History MA Program or the Advanced Certificate in Public History Program, or permission of the Coordinator of the History MA Program.