Graduate Catalog 2021-2022

EDP 675 Issues in Bilingualism in Special Education and Inclusive Classrooms

3 hours; 3 credits. The purpose of this course is to enhance students' awareness and knowledge of issues relating to cultural pluralism and multilingualism in the field of special education. This course will analyze the needs of individuals with special needs (including exceptionalities and gifted and talented) for which English is not a native language. Topics will include the identification and assessment of English learners with special needs, the validity and reliability of assessments concerning first and second language acquisition, and strategies for the instruction of children from different cultures and with different language experience. Requires minimum of ten (10) fieldwork hours. Prerequisite: For Sequence 1: EDP 610 and EDP 611. For Sequence 2: EDP 612. Pre- or corequisite: (EDP 610 and EDP 611) or EDP 612