Graduate Catalog 2021-2022

EDP 633 Student Teaching in Special Education

2 weekly seminar hours, full-time fieldwork; 6 credits. This course has two components: Fieldwork mentored by a faculty member and a weekly seminar. Students are required to be in attendance at an assigned school full-time (8:30am-3:00pm), five days per week. Students will teach in grades as outlined by their specific education program during the semester. Students meet once a week for two hours in a seminar to reflect upon the educational philosophies they have studied and the methodologies they are currently implementing in their own classrooms as they develop their own approaches to teaching and learning. Application for a student teaching assignment must be completed and filed with the Student Teaching Office the semester preceding the semester in which the student plans to student teach. Students must also submit three letters of recommendation from full-time Education faculty. NOTE: this course is for Sequence 2 students. Prerequisite: EDP 612, 621, EDP 622 and EDP 680.