Graduate Catalog 2021-2022

EDP 632 Teaching Practicum II in Special Education

120 field hours; 1 credit. Sequence 2 students who request the Internship Certificate select this option as their college supervised practicum in special education. EDP 631 and EDP 632 are taken over a year. EDP 631 is a prerequisite for EDP 632. Upon obtaining a teaching position with NYCDOE, CSI will apply to NYSED for an Internship Certificate for our student. The student taking EDP 631 and EDP 632 must secure his/her own school placement. In EDP 632, teacher candidates complete 20 (twenty) days (or 120 instructional hours) in a mentored teaching experience in a special education setting as outlined by their specific education program. Teacher candidates currently employed as teachers work with a faculty member, a cooperating teacher, and the school principal or designee to enhance learning for individual and groups of children of varying abilities. The teacher's candidate's role in developing appropriate learning environments is a focal point of this course. Prerequisite: EDP 631 and EDP 680.