Graduate Catalog 2021-2022

EDD 691 Perspectives on Managing Diverse Learning Settings

4 hours; 4 credits. This course is designed to a) provide teachers with a theoretical understanding of the origins and consequences of students' behaviors; b) prepare them to develop multiple positive approaches for addressing these behaviors; and c) provide an opportunity to re-examine their personal practices and philosophy. The course will address a variety of social-psychological approaches that are appropriate for learning settings with diverse populations, including students with special needs and those with varied cultural and linguistic backgrounds. (Open only to students participating in the Teachers on Sabbatical Program). Note: Sequence 2 students need to register for EDE 200 or EDE 260 or EDE 609 or EDE 610 prior to enrolling for this course. Prerequisite: 1) Introductory Psychological Foundations Course and; 2) Introductory Social Foundations course.