Graduate Catalog 2021-2022

EDD 625 Activities Approach to Development and Learning

3 lecture hours; 1 conference hour; 4 credits. Why is school knowledge so inert -- so difficult for students to transfer and implement in real-life problem solving? The course explores this issue using the ideas of cultural-historical activity theory of development and learning. It challenges the view of mind as "container for knowledge" and the view of knowledge as information and then offers a fresh look at many popular notions in contemporary education, such as construction of knowledge, hands-on learning, student-centered instruction, discovery learning, and others. The critical difference between memorization and learning with implications for classroom teaching is discussed. The main goal is to examine how teachers can turn from "stuffing" students' minds with information to promoting the development of their thinking. Note: Sequence 2 students need to register for EDE 200 or EDE 260 or EDE 609 or EDE 610 prior to enrolling for this course. Prerequisite: Matriculation in Sequence I of the Graduate Elementary Education Program or EDD 609, EDD 610 or equivalent.