Graduate Catalog 2021-2022

EDD 614 Different Minds: Exploring Cognitive Diversity

3 lecture hours; 1 conference hour; 4 credits. New discoveries about the brain and cognitive science have the potential to transform what we know about learning. For example, advances in tools for imaging the brain that show how learning occurs and how the brain can compensate for deficits have implications for improving education. This course explores links between the new interdisciplinary field of neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and the field of education so that educators can begin to shape the kinds of questions that may ultimately improve classroom learning. The central focus is to examine the most recent research in brain function and development as it relates to both typical and exceptional minds, and to begin the discussion of how to apply this knowledge to promote learning. Note: Sequence 2 students need to register for EDE 200 or EDE 260 or EDE 609 or EDE 610 prior to enrolling for this course.Prerequisite: Matriculation in Sequence I Childhood or Adolescence Education Program Students or EDD 609, EDD 610 or equivalent.