Graduate Catalog 2021-2022

Division of Student Affairs

South Administration Building (1A), Room 301

Vice President, Jennifer S. Borerro, J.D.


The Division of Student Affairs at the College of Staten Island supports and enriches the student learning experience and helps to create a positive campus experience for students. The Division facilitates access to a high quality education and engages students by providing learning opportunities and services that support and guide students in developing and achieving their academic, career, and personal goals. As an integral part of their services, offices throughout the Division systematically provide students with co-curricular opportunities that support both student success and the institution’s mission and strategic plan. Each area within the Division plans, implements, and assesses practices and programs to ensure the highest level of service. The Division is here to support each student in realizing the goal of becoming a CSI graduate!


Reporting to the Vice President for Student Affairs and Alumni Engagement are:

Center for Career and Professional Development

Center for Student Accessibility
Counseling Center
Dolphin Cove Student Housing
Health and Wellness Services

Executive Director of Student Affairs/Dean of Students

Office of Student Life
Veterans Support Services

Children’s Center

CSI Association, Inc.
First Star CSI Academy

Campus Center

Building 1C, Room 201

The Campus Center draws together all members of the College of Staten Island community. It is a shared space for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests. While each of these groups is important, the students are at the heart of the Campus Center’s mission, to provide a diverse, inclusive and safe place. By providing a welcoming and safe environment, students are able to engage with one another and share their experiences with one another. The Campus Center promotes an understanding and appreciation of the diversity of the College of Staten Island and of the world at large. The Campus Center is comprised of many operating areas and offices. Our public areas include the Green Dolphin Lounge, West Dining Room, and Rotunda—all on the main level of the building. On the second floor, the Campus Center offers students the opportunity to play games in the Game Room, meet quietly and socialize in the Quiet Games Room or watch a movie in the Bijou Theatre. Student organization offices including student publications, the Campus Activities Board (CAB), NYPIRG, and Student Government are also located on this floor. Students can find many services offered in the Campus Center.  Offices include:

CSI Association Building 1C, Room 202
CSI Auxiliary Services  Building 1C, Room 208
The Bookstore Building 1C, First Floor
The Multi-Faith Center Building 1C, Room 212A
The Veterans' Resource Center Building 1C, Room 216
WSI-88.9 FM Building 1C, Room 106
Dining Services Building 1C, Cafeteria
Health & Wellness Services Building 1C, Room 111 and 112
Student Government Building 1C, Room 207
Student Life Involvement Center and Campus Activities Board Building 1C, Room 212B
Virtual Reality Lab Building 1C, Room 213
LGBTQ Resource Center Building 1C, Room 226
Office of Student Life Building 1C, Room 201

These offices assist the College community in many different ways. Each area offers students the opportunity to help shape campus life through programs and services. The Campus Center also offers students the only location to rent lockers anywhere on campus. For more information, please contact the Office of Student Life, at 718.982.3088 or  Building 1C, Room 201. 

Leadership and Civic Engagement

Building 1C, Room 201
Leadership and Civic Engagement at CSI is about preparing our students to take on Leadership Roles here at CSI and beyond and to educate our students on the importance of becoming informed citizens committed to serving and strengthening their communities. From our Volunteer Opportunities, Emerging Leadership Program to our Executive Leadership Training and Leadership Retreats, just to name a few, the Office of Student Life supports students in their leadership development and provides many opportunities for students to identify their leadership paths. We believe that leadership is a purposeful and collaborative process that leads to social change. Leadership, according to the Social Change Model of Leadership Development, is incorporated into all of our work so that every student gains valuable skills and experiences that will help them to succeed, not only here at CSI, but in life. In addition, numerous co-curricular programs also exist for those students who desire additional skills development. For more information, please contact the Office of Student Life at 718.982.3119.

National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) Building

Building 1C, 201
CSI hosts a chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS), the nation's largest leadership honor society. Students are selected for membership based on their academic standing. Candidacy is a nationally recognized achievement of honorable distinction. The NSLS provides a step-by-step program for members to build their leadership skills through participation in workshops. Membership offers access to benefits including scholarships and awards, exclusive on-campus events, employer recruitment through an online job bank, and discounts on computers, textbooks, grad school prep courses, insurance and much more. For more information about the NSLS, Leadership or Civic Engagement Programs, please contact the Office of Student Life at 718.982.3119.

The LGBTQ Resource Center

Building 1C, Room 226

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Questioning Resource Center is committed to improving the educational environment for LGBTQ students, faculty, staff, administrators and alumni by providing a safe space for LGBTQ community members and allies at College of Staten Island. The Center is dedicated to educating the campus community about the LGBTQ+ population and how the CSI Community may become better allies. For more information, please contact the Office of Student Life at 718.982.3091.

The Center for Career and Professional Development

Building 1A, Room 105

Director:  Caryl Watkins


The Center for Career and Professional Development provides a network of on-campus and virtual career skill building opportunities through career exploration, individualized career planning, internship and employment advisement, participation in experiential and service learning programs, engaged educational activities, the Career Success Academy Cohort-model Program, and other career-oriented special opportunities. Center Services include:

  • Career and Internship Advisement including scheduled, walk-in and group appointments for internship search and resume development.
  • Career Information and Exploration using HETS
  • Employment Consultation including competency-based interviewing assistance.
  • Experiential education through the CUNY Cultural Corps program.
  • Four year individualized career planning through the “Career Success Academy” Cohort model Program.
  • Engaged Educational Activities.
  • Round the clock virtualized career planning and development through Accenture “Skills to Succeed” Academy.
  • On Campus Recruitment events including Career Fairs, Meet and Greet Recruiter Tabling, Employer Series Workshops, and Career “Pop-Up” Events in every department.
  • On-line CLUE Program on a variety of career and internship/job preparation topics as well as other virtualized career services.
  • “Careers 24/7” our online career services database that provides comprehensive career readiness information, resume and cover letter development, internship and job placement resources, and access to on campus recruitment around the clock.
  • One credit SPD “Are You Career Ready” Course.

Children's Center

Building 2R

The Children's Center is sponsored by the CSI Association and provides early education and childcare services for students who may be attending classes, working, participating in other school-related activities, or who need personal time. The programs for infants/toddlers and preschool children are licensed by the Bureau of Day Care of the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. The program for school-age children is registered with the School Age Division of the NYS Office of Children and Family Services. The Center is funded through the Student Activity Fee; city, state, and federal grant money; and parent fees. For further information please call 718.982.3190 or visit

Clubs and Organizations

The CSI Student Government and the Office of Student Life charter and recognize student clubs. Any group of students with a common interest may request a charter for a student club from the Office of Student Life, Students may also join any of the existing groups that receive recognition each year. Members of clubs associate around a broad range of interests and affinities. Students organize over 40 clubs with common interests rising from academic studies, social commitments, or personal values. Sports-related clubs file for a charter initially with Student Government before applying for funding from the Intramural and Recreation Program. For more information, please contact the Office of Student Life at 718.982.3268.

College of Staten Island Association, Inc.

The College of Staten Island Association, Inc. is a non-profit corporation that administers student activity fees collected from students enrolled at the College. These fees, which are earmarked for particular purposes, are used to provide a wide range of programs, services and activities for students attending the College aimed at supporting, enhancing and complementing their academic experience while encouraging them to get involved in campus life. The Association is governed by a board of directors comprised of the President of the College or their designee, six students and up to three student alternates, two faculty and up to two faculty alternates, two administrators and two independent directors. The board of directors is responsible for review of all student activity fee-funded budgets to ensure that they conform with the expenditure categories set forth in University bylaws, and as to whether any items are inappropriate, improper or inequitable.

Counseling Center

Building 1A, Room 109

The Counseling Center provides personal and academic counseling services for students at the College of Staten Island. Students are given the opportunity to explore issues that can help them to achieve success. Professionally trained counselors provide individual and group counseling to address various issues that affect academic performance and experiences in college and one's personal life. With a few legal exceptions, counseling is a confidential process. Personal counseling is designed to help students address concerns, come to a greater understanding of themselves, and develop effective strategies for dealing with life's challenges. Academic counseling assists students with maximizing their academic performance. Counselors help students with a variety of issues that affect academic success such as test anxiety, time management, study strategies, and concentration.

Center for Student Accessibility

Center for the Arts (1P)

The Center for Student Accessibility has the responsibility for providing reasonable accommodations and services to students with a documented disability. The Center also serves as a resource for faculty and staff in their work with CSI students with disabilities. To qualify for services, students must submit documentation to the Center and request services. All documentation is kept confidential and should be submitted directly to the Center. Services include pre-admissions counseling and accessibility information, advisement, priority registration, and testing accommodations. Assistive technology software, scientific calculators, audio recorders, and assistance in facilitating the use of alternate formats are also available. The Resource Center for the Deaf serves the specific needs of deaf and hard of hearing students providing interpreters and CART services to students who are hard-of-hearing. Interpreters are available for academic advisement, conferences with professors, and other College business. The College's policy for students with disabilities conforms to federal guidelines and the Center offers services mandated by federal and state law. All students with disabilities are encouraged to use the services of the Center. Services are also available to students who have a temporary disability.

Student Conduct and Services Specialist

Building 1A, Room 301

Reporting to the Executive Director of Student Services/Dean of Students in the Vice President for Student Affairs Office, the Student Conduct and Services Specialist serves as a community resource on matters of student conduct for all campus constituents. The Student Conduct and Services Specialist reviews and investigates incident reports and other alleged policy violations by students in accordance with Article 15 of the CUNY Bylaws (Standards of Conduct and Student Disciplinary Procedures) and article 129-A of the Education Law (Henderson Rules). The Conduct Specialist serves on the Student Concerns Committee and is a member of the Campus Assessment Referral and Evaluation System (CARES) Team and provides follow-up and case management as appropriate.

Campus Activities Board (CAB)

Building 1C, Room 212B

The Campus Activities Board is a student programming board that allocates a designated portion of the Student Activity Fee for social, cultural, and educational programs. The board develops programs that create engagement opportunities for CSI students. The planning and decision making process is one in which students learn many skills, especially those related to event management, fiscal responsibility, marketing and assessment. CAB is known for their annual fall and spring carnivals, daily film series, annual trips to Fright Fest and Dorney Park and much more. Follow them on social media @CSICAB. For more information, please contact the Office of Student Life at 718.982.2816.


Students at CSI publish a biweekly newspaper, The Banner; a Self-Help magazine, Brainbow; a Science magazine, The Catalyst; an LGBTQ magazine, QUEER-Zine; a business magazine, Get Down to Business, and a Psychology journal, Contemporary Psychology. Publications are funded by Student Activity Fees allocated through the Publication Board. Students interested in participating in the production of these publications as writers, photographers, editors, or layout artists, or in starting new publications are invited to visit or contact the publications' offices or the Office of Student Life at 718.982.3088.

Student Life

Campus Center 1C, Room 201

The Office of Student Life is dedicated to creating learning experiences that complement academic pursuits, support holistic student development and foster an engaging campus community. The Office of Student Life is always available to help students make a connection to the CSI community and enhance their educational experience. Students can stop by the Campus Center (1C), room 201, to get involved in student life at CSI. The office serves the entire population of CSI by providing leadership development opportunities, advisement to clubs, organizations and publications including Student Government, the Campus Activities Board, WSIA-FM and through management of the Campus Center. The Office of Student Life provides a variety of services and programs including coordination of student leadership programs and civic engagement initiatives, publication of the student handbook, The Gazetteer and through implementation and coordination of a diverse calendar of student events. The telephone number is 718.982.3088.

Student Government

Building 1C, Room 207
The College of Staten Island Student Government is comprised of 25 representatives (President, Vice President and Senators) elected by the student body each spring semester. Organized into commissions with specific mandates (e.g., Academic and Curricular Affairs; Campus Center and Student Facilities; Clubs; Elections; Finance; Part-Time, Evening, and Weekend Students; Student Accessibility and Veterans Affairs and Student Services). Student Government represents student interests to the administration and faculty of the College and serves as an advocate for student ideas and concerns. The Student Government charters and funds student clubs and organizations, coordinates student elections, allocates a designated portion of the Student Activity Fee towards scholarships, academic funds, social events and various initiatives to benefit the student body and advises the College on the utilization of Campus Center space to serve students in their co-curricular activities. Student Government senators serve as representatives of the student body on numerous planning and decision making committees alongside faculty and members of the CSI administration. The Office of Student Government is located in the Campus Center, Building 1C, Room 207, and can be reached at 718.982.3082.

Health and Wellness Services

Campus Center (1C), Room 111

Health and Wellness Services provides high quality, cost-effective health care and wellness programs in order to promote health and support academic success. Services available to all students include urgent care and sick visits, physical exams to meet program requirements, immunizations, reproductive and sexual health care, nutrition counseling, and health education. All care and treatment are confidential. Health & Wellness offers educational programs and events and maintains a Peer Education Program. Part of this area, the CSI Alcohol & Drug Prevention Program, funded through a NYS OASAS grant, aims to prevent alcohol and substance use/misuse. Programs and services are offered at no cost to students and are partially funded by Student Activity Fees. Health & Wellness Services can be reached at 718.982.3045 and is located in the Campus Center, Building 1C, Rooms 111 and 112.

Veterans Support Services

Building 1C, Room 216

Veterans Support Services (VSS) was established to more effectively assist and respond to the needs of students who have served in the Armed Forces as well as their families. VSS works closely with departments across campus and community veteran organizations providing referrals and information as needed to ensure that each student remains well informed of the services available to them. The Veterans Support Services Lounge holds computers, printers, and a library of educational and reference materials, and includes a television; all entirely accessible to all CSI student veterans. VSS offers an environment conducive for study, delivering tutoring services, or, a place to connect with other vets and just relax between classes. Veterans Support Services’ mission is to facilitate a smooth transition from military life to the college experience by providing veterans a strong support system. For more information, please visit 1C-216 or call 718.982.3093.

WSIA - 88.9 FM

Campus Center 1C, Room 106

WSIA 88.9 FM is Staten Island's only FM radio station and broadcasts on 88.9 FM. The station is licensed to the college but fully staffed by student volunteers working under the guidance of professional staff. Station programming emphasizes diverse and creative music, local news, public service, and Staten Island sports. Students who are interested in working as DJs, newscasters, sportscasters, and engineers or just becoming better leaders and making friends can visit the studio to fill out an application or call 718.982.3050 for more information.