Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2021


(Bachelor of Science, Minor; see Graduate Catalog for information on graduate programs)

Department of Chemistry, Building 6S, Room 235

Chairperson and Professor Qiao-Sheng Hu

A degree in chemistry or biochemistry is essential to anyone interested in working in the chemical or pharmaceutical industries and in related fields such as teaching and chemical sales. The degree affords the opportunity to participate in pure chemical research, product development, marketing, and sales. A student with a BS in chemistry or biochemistry may branch out and become involved in government jobs in geochemistry, toxicology, and environmental chemistry. The Chemistry/Biochemistry major also might elect to work in the more medically oriented fields such as pharmacology, biochemistry, bioengineering, or medicinal chemistry or to enter the teaching profession. For students who wish to pursue graduate study in the sciences or enter professional schools (medicine, dentistry, optometry, pharmacy, etc.), a BS degree in Chemistry or Biochemistry is viewed quite favorably by admissions committees.

Chemistry Courses