Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2021

Psychology (BA)

For entry, continuation, and graduation from the Bachelor of Science in Psychology, students must have a least a 2.5 grade point average (GPA).  A minimum grade of C is required in PSY 100, MTH 122 (or higher with permission),  PSY 201, and PSY 266.  Students will be allowed to repeat courses, if necessary.

General Education Requirements  42 credits 
Major Requirements  42-49 credits 
Electives  24-29 credits
Total Credits Required  120

A math placement test is recommended for all students who have demonstrated CUNY proficiency.  The placement test is offered at scheduled times in the College Testing Office.

Major Requirements

MTH 122Functions and Models in College Algebra(MQ)


PSY 100Psychology(IS)


MTH 122 (Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning) and PSY 100 (Individual and Society) may also be used to satisfy general education requirements.

PSY 201Foundations of Psychological Research(RLA)


PSY 266Statistics in Psychology(RLA)


PSY 352History and Systems of Psychology(RLA)


Psychology laboratory course chosen from the following:

PSY 330Experimental Psychology: Cognition and Perception(RLA)



PSY 333Experimental Psychology: Learning and Behavior(RLA)



PSY 334Experimental Psychology: Social and Personality(RNL)



PSY 335Experimental Psychology: Child Development(RNL)


Twenty additional credits in psychology at the 200 level or higher including at least four credits at the 300 or 400 level. (20 credits)

Courses should be chosen in consultation with an advisor in accordance with student goals for graduate study. PSY 593, PSY 594, PSY 597, and PSY 598 may count (for up to 4 credits) as equivalent to a 200-level course.

Foreign Language Requirement

ARB/ASL/CHN/FRN/ITL/SPNDemonstration of proficiency in a foreign language through the Intermediate level 213 or above


Total Credit Hours: 42-49

Total Credit Hours: 120

NOTE: PSY 103, PSY 211, PSY 340, and PSY 368 are non-liberal arts and science courses.


To graduate with honors in Psychology, students must have and maintain a 3.5 grade point average in their psychology courses. They must also complete an honors thesis under the supervision of a Psychology faculty member. Typically, these are research projects that span more than one semester of work. These are graded by the supervisor (pass/fail) based on the feedback received by two other faculty readers. The department as a whole votes to confer honors on students at the April department meeting. It is expected that these will be presented at a suitable research conference or the annual CSI Undergraduate Research Conference. To meet these deadlines, the final thesis must be completed by April 1 for June or August graduation, and November 1 for January graduation.