Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2021

Philosophy (BA)

General Education Requirements  42 credits 
Major Requirements  40 credits 
Electives  38 credits
Total Credits Required  120

Major Requirements

28 Credits in philosophy (PHL) at or above the 200-level, including 8 credits at or above the 300-level

These 28 credits must include courses in at least three of the following four areas, including a minimum of two in (1) History of Philosophy, and one in (2) Knowledge, Logic, and Scientific Method and at least two courses at the 300 level and a Senior Seminar (PHL 400 or PHL 490).  Depending on course selection, additional coursework may be required prior to enrolling for some 300-level at or above courses.

History of Philosophy (PHL 200-219, PHL 300-319)

Knowledge, Logic, and Scientific Method (PHL 220-229, PHL 320-329, PHL 420)

Ethics and Social Philosophy (PHL 230-239, PHL 330-339)

Culture and Religion (PHL 240-249, PHL 340-349)

12 Credits in Related Subjects

In addition, students must complete at least 12 credits of work in related subjects chosen in consultation with an advisor. Relevant areas include history, politics, psychology, sociology, literature, science, law, economics, education, public administration, and the arts. These courses may also be used to satisfy general education requirements.

Total Credit Hours: 40


To graduate with honors in Philosophy a student must have a 3.5 grade point average in philosophy courses and must complete a thesis or project determined by the student and his or her faculty sponsor and the course POL/ECO/PHL/GEG 490 Senior Seminar in Political Science, Economics, Philosophy, and Geography.