Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2021

Department of Performing and Creative Arts

Center for the Arts 1P

Siona Wilson, Chairperson and Associate Professor

Professors: Sylvia Kahan, Beatrix Reinhardt, Nanette Salomon, George Emilio Sánchez, Maurya Wickstrom. Associate Professors:  Kevin Judge, Marianne Weil, Siona Wilson. Assistant Professors: Miguel Aragón, Dan Auerbach, William Bauer, Sean F. Edgecomb, David Keberle, Beth Livensperger, and Chris Verene. Lecturer: Michael Morreale. Higher Education Assistants: Craig Manister, Jennifer Straniere.

The department offers BA, BFA, and BS degrees. The areas in which degrees are offered include Art, (with concentrations in Photography and Studio Art), Drama; and Music (with concentrations in Classical Performance, Theory and Literature; Music Technology; and Jazz Studies and Performance). There is also a Dramatic Literature concentration jointly offered with the Department of English. Students may minor in Art, Dance, Dramatic Arts, Music and Photography. Assistant Professor William Bauer is the director of the Interdisciplinary Bachelor's degree program in American Studies.

The department serves the needs of students who wish to pursue both the practice and the theory of the arts. In addition to preparing students majoring in the arts and those planning to continue in graduate school, the department’s courses meet the needs and interests of students in the liberal arts and sciences and in career programs, and foster the role of the arts within the framework of a liberal education.