Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2021

WGS 375 Sex and Society(RLA)

4 hours. An overview of the diverse ways that human beings think about, organize, and experience sexuality, sex and gender roles and identities, intimacy and love, marriage, domestic and sexual labor, and other forms of intimate human relationships. We will critically examine the development of sexuality as an object of study within the social sciences while exploring different theoretical approaches and concepts developed to understand it. We will consider various questions, including: what counts as sex? How have constructions of sexuality varied in different social and historical contexts and why? How are the ideologies and regulation of sexuality and gender related to power, social inequality, and the material realities of the political economy and people's everyday lives? The course has transnational perspective, and focuses particular attention on differences and similarities in the experience of sexual relationships across lines of gender, sex, class, race, and sexual orientation. Prerequisite: ENG 151, COR 100.



Cross Listed Courses

ANT 375/SOC 375