Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2021

MTH 230 Calculus I with Pre-Calculus(MQ)(STEM)

6 hours; 6 credits.; Pre-calculus material including functions, inverse functions, identities, theory of equations, and the binomial theorem. Material on calculus and analytic geometry corresponding to MTH 231 including limits, derivatives, rules of differentiation, trigonometric functions and their derivatives, differentiation, graph sketching, maxima/minima problems, related rates, antiderivatives, exponential and logarithmic functions. (math) (RMQR) (STEM). Not open to students who have completed MTH 130. Prerequisite: MTH 123 with a grade of B or better or an appropriate score on the CUNY Math Proficiency/Placement exam or permission of the Department of Mathematics. Corequisite: MTH 229